Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What Happens To White Tights After Puberty?

When we're little girls, it's customary for our mothers to dress us up in pretty dresses and a wide range of tights, primarily in white or some flashy colour like hot pink or blue. Black is an anomalous colour for children's stockings because it is perceived as being too grim a choice for a little girl. When a girl reaches a certain age (let's say puberty), those adorable playful tights are replaced with more serious "grown-up" tights. In other words, we become limited to nude or black. White tights cease to be appropriate. At most, we might experiment with navy or dark brown, but white is something we only take out on Halloween to complete our sexy maid costume.

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Now let me ask you this. How is it possible that white tights can be associated with little girls and slutty nurses? When did white become the forbidden fruit? Is it possible that is it a symbol of innocence and in the case of the Halloween costume, innocence lost? Does it represent women "attempting" to look like little girls, an act that is frowned upon in our society. And the better question is WHY?

As someone who loves anything cute and girly including but not limited to bows, ribbons, flared skirts, frills, and lace, I can't help but question society's aversion to white tights.

Apparently, the ladies on the streets are the only ones concerned with how they appear in white stockings. At Giamba, the models walked the runway in sheer polka dotted white tights with their bold platform sandals. The trend has also been done in the past at Chanel and Miu Miu. But why doesn't it translate onto the streets?

Could it be time we take a risk and revive this trend. I'm game. Are you?

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