Friday, April 3, 2015

#IconCity: The Unavoidable Truth About Olivia Palermo's Style

Olivia Palermo may have played the bitch counterpart to Whitney Port on The City, but she remains one of the most stylish women in the fashion industry. Known for experimenting with bold colours and prints, Palermo can do no wrong when it comes to fashion and consistently remains on everyone's best-dressed lists. For always keeping it classy, taking risks, and having a killer shoe closet, Olivia Palermo has just landed in IconCity and even if you don't like it, you know you're dying to own every single thing she wears.

Here are some of her best looks:

Palermo looks classy as ever in black shades and a flared Little White Dress with a stunning statement necklace. But the best part about her look would have to be that floral print Dior handbag which takes her from simply classy to a daring fashionista. 
Let's talk about everything that's going on in this look that should appear busy, but on Olivia, looks effortless. From the fluffy trim of her jacket to a pair of floral skinnies combined with striking leopard print shoes, her ability to mix and match is overwhelming. Add a burnt orange handbag to the mix and you know you're dealing with a pro.
Speaking of mix and match, Olivia also happens to be very good at juxtaposing the sleek and the playful by combining furry Fendi shoes and a fur trim hood with her sophisticated pink handbag.What lies underneath? Printed black and white up top and on the bottom. Somehow she makes it all come together like artwork and we couldn't be more envious of her skills.
Are you as obsessed with this colour as I am? Did you just recently become obsessed after seeing Olivia pull it off? Thought so. With a killer snakeskin handbag and sexy nude stilettos, this girl is ready for fashion week.
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Google Olivia Palermo and chances are you will spot her wearing this sunshine yellow hue on a number of outfits. It seems to be her favourite colour and with reason. Palermo rocks this yellow dress with an unexpected splash of Barbie pink and leopard print high heels. It's a look that could've only come from a woman like her and she's got everyone dreaming they had thought of it themselves.
What do you think of Olivia's style? Which look is your favourite?

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