Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Coachella Prep List

Coachella is just around the corner and of course, you have no idea what to wear. Lucky for you, the 70s are trending like crazy right now and nothing says Coachella better than your favourite hippie skirt. I know what you're thinking. Coachella is for celebrities and famous children, not you. What you don't know is that H&M has a Coachella collection dedicated to those of us who are fantasizing about the upcoming music festival and preparing our summer wardrobe accordingly. So you may not be attending this Hollywood extravaganza where fringes are favoured to sequins, but these trends still apply to you if you're planning on hitting the streets this summer for any social event. In honour of Coachella, I've prepared a list of trends to help you stock up your wardrobe and make you Coachella-ready for this 70s-inspired summer.

Here is what you need.

A Wide Brim Hat
I cannot stress enough the importance of a wide brim hat this season. For those of you who aren't inclined towards head attire, it's time to flip the switch and go for something bold. Nothing makes a statement better than something you would have never been caught dead in back in 2014.
Something Fringy
In case you hadn't heard, fringe is the new black, ladies and gents. Whether on your handbag, the bottom of your skirt, or the rim of your crop top, fringe is everywhere and I simply can't get enough of it. Coachella may have not happened yet, but I can guarantee that fringe will make a star appearance on a number of celebs. If there's any trend you need to try this season, it's definitely this one.
Cutoff Shorts
It isn't Coachella without a pair of inappropriately short cut off denim shorts. If you're not sure you're ready for high waisted flowy pants just yet, an easier option is a pair of jean shorts that you'll probably wear all summer long. In other words, it may be your best investment.
Cowboy Boots
This may be the only time in your life where short shorts and cowboy boots are quasi appropriate. Conjure your inner Daisy Duke with a pair of suede booties that are purely #forthesakeoffashion because frankly, boots in L.A are never necessary. Add some fringe and you're right on trend.
Big Shades
The sun is finally out and it is time to take out those funky shades. Coachella is a festival that celebrates the return of the sunshine with statement-making eye wear. Whether aviators or the latest round trend, pull out your festival best because this is the only time sunglasses are an essential accessory.
A Statement Piece of Metallic Jewellery (Or Five)
When it comes to your Coachella jewels, more is more. It's time to tack on as many metallic pieces as you can whether stacked on your wrists or around your neck. Get out your best hippie jewellery and get ready to make some music with your bling.
 Flowers or Florals
Whether worn in your hair or as a print on your dress, flowers are a must at Coachella. It's the festival that celebrates the start of spring and nothing says spring better than flowers blooming. Also, flowers are a symbol of nature and everyone knows that a true hippie lives for the natural landscape.
Your Best Pair of Hippie Pants
What are hippie pants, you ask? Anything that provides all the breathing room you need to compensate for the constricting skinny jeans you're been wearing all winter. The flowier and wide the leg, the better. If you want to make a real statement? Get them in a bold print.
A Cross-Body Bag
If you're going to spend the entire day at a festival, your best friend is your cross-body bag. Who wants to carry a heavy purse when partying with your friends? Since cross-body bags are hands-free, there's no better way to ensure that you're a free spirit this festival season.
Your Best Friend
And the best accessory to try this season at Coachella? Your best friend. A group of well-dressed ladies attending the festival is guaranteed to attract some looks. Also, nothing is more fun than a party with your BFF a la model-off-duty.
Are you ready for Coachella? What will you be wearing?

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