Thursday, April 16, 2015

How To Wear Yellow Without Looking 12

Last May, I wrote about my mysterious case of yellow fever (read here), a plague I have endured for most of my life. This year, the colour yellow is once again de rigueur and it's about to become everyone's favourite colour. With the grim and gruesome winter we've had, we're all craving that sunshine like children back from fat camp crave cake, and alas, it is at our fingertips. Our version of the sundance? Wearing lots and lots of yellow. This year, the hue is brighter than ever on blouses and skirts, and for the bolder ones amongst us, dresses. But how do we make yellow look more sophisticated garden party than little girl crashing said sophisticated garden party? Here is your personalized guide to wearing the colour and avoiding this blunder.

TIP 1:
Keep your accessories yellow and your outfit subdued. Nothing says chic and ladylike like a pair of stilettos, even in a whimsical hue like yellow.
 TIP 2:
Combine it with your best black and white look. A cropped blazer is always flattering and as the topping on your mini dress, it projects an elegance that doesn't scream for attention.
TIP 3:
Try wearing yellow on a lace skirt in a straight cut to project a more grown up look that remains ultra feminine. Combine it with a subtle gray and you're golden.
TIP 4:
Top your Little Yellow Dress with a nude poncho to create a classier look. Drape it over your shoulders like only a true fashionista would.
TIP 5:
If you're going to opt for a girly coat, wear it over a classic LBD to ensure sophistication. Bows are pretty, but only when juxtaposed with your natural sex appeal.
TIP 6: 
Try a darker shade of yellow in an architectural cut that oozes confidence and class. Everyone knows that if you're wearing mustard, you mean business.
TIP 7: 
Combine your yellow with another bold colour like green to make a style statement. You'll be the talk of the party.
TIP 8:
Nothing is classier than a turtle neck sweater. A bright yellow keeps it young and fresh rather than constricted.
Now, I must ask: do you have yellow fever too?

Ponder it,



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