Friday, March 27, 2015

Knee-High Gladiator Sandals: Reserved For The True Badass

Everyone's talking about the latest shoe trend to hit North America, Knee High Gladiator Sandals. Though there are multiple shoe trends about to make their way onto the streets (slip-ons and mules) once spring eventually decides to show up for tea and crumpets, this one is by far the most striking. Now, here's my opinion on knee-high gladiator sandals and you obviously are here because you want to hear it, so let's talk, shall we?

While regular run-of-the-mill gladiator sandals were one of my favourite trends, this one takes us all to a whole other level. A regular gladiator sandal was appealing to the masses because it wasn't too shocking, but still had that edge many people aspire to when it comes to their personal style.

Let's get one thing straight. If you thought that was edgy, it became tame as soon as everyone started wearing it. In other words, it isn't edgy if your sweet next door neighbor could pull it off.


Knee high gladiator sandals are bold and daring. You might even hesitate about whether it's for you and that's okay. But if you're looking for something really eye-catching this year, you've found it.

The definition of edgy implicates the avant-garde and this, my friends, qualifies.

Are they practical? Absolutely not. They are #forthesakeoffashion through and through. If you were planning on getting a tan this summer, I wouldn't recommend them. However, since all of us are getting swayed towards healthier looking sunscreen protected skin, this might not even be an issue.

Tips on how to wear them?
1. Make sure you wear enough sunscreen on your legs to avoid the most bizarre tan lines you have ever experienced.
2. Two words. Denim shorts.
3. Own them like a true gladiator would.

If you're hesitant, remember that they will make a major style statement and put you at the top of everyone's mental best-dressed list. And if they classify you as worst-dressed, you'll know you're being really edgy.

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