Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why Elaborate Hairstyles Are Totally Underrated

As I watch the runway shows this season in Paris, London, New York and Milan, I can't help but notice that the look of the moment is loose effortless "I woke up like this" locks. Though the effortless look is always en vogue due to its effortlessness, I've recently noticed that it's a look we've all been adopting for years. Who has time to style their hair in the morning before work anyway, right?

While exploring Pinterest, I consistently come across elaborate hairdos featuring braiding and twisting that peak my interest, but my natural tendency is to assume I could never pull it off. But then I think to myself, why am I so afraid to try?

Recently, I decided to look up some YouTube tutorials and lo and behold, it wasn't all that complicated after all. As a little girl, I always wanted to learn how to french braid my hair but never had the manual skills to do so. After taking a look at a YouTube clip teaching me how, I finally learned how to braid my hair the way I've always wanted. From there, I decided that I had to learn how to do my second favourite braid, The Fishtail. You guessed it. It was as simple as a few twists back and forth.

YouTube, where have you been all my life?

After learning how to braid my hair and realizing that it wasn't all that complicated, I figured out another secret of the beauty world. If you know how to braid, your options are endless. There are an abundance of braided hairdos out there that can be done in five minutes or less once you've got the gist of it. Apparently, we've all been so afraid of trying these looks when in fact, they were never that difficult to begin with.

Though I have always marveled at runway hairstyles during shows like Valentino and Givenchy, I never thought that I could possibly try anything similar and therefore, I focused all of my attention on the clothes. With my recent discovery, I realized that it's time I take a closer look at runway hair because yes, I can do it at home.

All of this is meant to inspire you to experiment with your hair. As the clumsiest person I know, if I can do it, so can you. I've also come to realize that it's an activity that can be quite relaxing. Now, I'm not telling you to stop letting your hair down, but simply suggesting a change. We don't always need a drastic haircut to alter our look. A simple hairband will do.

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