Monday, March 2, 2015

The Spring Colour Challenge


March is officially here and that means we can finally count down the days until spring (March 20th, people). Yes, it's still snowing outside and the weather remains below zero, but hope has swept into town in the form of spring collections at retailers across the globe. You know what that means? It's time for some serious spring cleaning. As we shop for the latest fashions at our favourite boutiques, we can say goodbye to some of our beloved oversized sweaters because frankly, we've worn you in too much this year dears. Personally, I have already begun sifting through my closet and to my utter horror, I have noticed a serious absence of colour. Though many of us have a tendency to buy black, white, and beige in bulk (guilty as charged), we must resist our attraction to muted tones because if there's anything we need this spring to revive our spirits, it's colour.

Generally, wardrobe building begins with a wide selection of neutrals. We start with our basic must-haves: the white blouse, a pair of black stilettos, basic blue jeans, a black pencil skirt, an LBD, an LWD, and a black leather jacket. Once these items have been purchased, we can take our creativity on a ride by popping in a bit of colour or even a print.

Since this blog is all about encouraging the average shopper to be bolder, my challenge to you is to ignore those neutrals when you hit the shops and opt for something a little more colourful this season. Yes, everything matches with black and it's the easiest choice, but if you want to be a true fashion girl and join the ranks of the Olivia Palermos and Alexa Chungs of this world, you have to take the road less traveled. Train your eyes to catch sight of bright yellow (perhaps it'll make the sun come faster), emerald green (maybe the grass will grow sooner), and fuchsia (flowers?). Even if you aren't ready to leap into prints, colour is another great way to spice up that wardrobe.

It's been a long and dark winter and we could all use something uplifting to get us through the next couple of months. So next time you walk into a store, select that blouse in a bright pink instead of white or that skirt in red instead of black. After all, colours have been proven to affect our mood and we can all use a little more yellow in our lives.

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