Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Let's Take A Trip To Milan

Milan Fashion Week was all about that classic beauty with a hidden wild side. Some preferred a sexier approach like Versace and Philipp Plein, while others opted for a more conservative look like Tod's and Iceberg. As usual, Jeremy Scott took a little piece of our childhood and made fashion fun by integrating cartoon characters into his collection. Another theme that made an appearance was motherhood at Dolce & Gabanna where children of models appeared on the runway. Colour was a major part of Milan Fashion Week at shows like Philosphy di Lorenzo Serafini, MSGM and Emilio Pucci. But some designers opted for a more neutral approach like Trussardi and Ermanno Scervino. I suppose you could say there was something for everyone in Milan and isn't that the sign of a great season?

Here were my top five favourite collections:

Ermanno Scervino will be remembered as the brand that invented puffer chic. From this angle, next winter will amp up the cold weather look with bulky white coats, feathered skirts, and fur trimmed hoods. Though it began with a shapeless puffer, it proceeded to teach us all about femininity with skirts and dresses from flirty flares to sophisticated and skintight. A woman in these clothes possesses a certain charm in a little red dress (LRD) and oversized fur coat. And if she's going to wear a print, it's going to be houndstooth, the classiest print on the market. From black and white to cobalt blue, the collection introduced a splash of colour on high waisted flowy pants and coats with floral appliques. It eased back into neutral territory with the final selection of looks in tan and khaki, military style. The military woman let loose at the very end with some sparkle and white fluff bringing out the sexy woman that she is.

We entered the world of Cavalli as we generally do with a bold animal printed dress for the sexy party girl who lives for the attention. Though the designer stayed true to his signature leopard print on coats, dresses, and blouses, Cavalli introduced bold yellow as his colour of choice to compliment the leopard print accessories. A yellow jumpsuit with a belted waistline and a frilly yellow dress complimented by a leopard print vest kept Cavalli's collection alive with lemony flavour. Though Cavalli targets the sexier women in the skintight dress, he added some flowy bohemian looks for the effortless diva who isn't afraid to take a fashion risk. There were some sparkly mini skirts and tight black pants giving the collection a disco feel. Combined with fur and feathers, this Cavalli woman was definitely ready for a night on the town. I call it "boho glam" with a wild side. It's the girl you wish you were and the one you're glad you're not simultaneously.

Trussardi took on a more basic approach with classic leather pencil skirts and structured coats in earth tones like brown, green, and beige. Though the designer kept it simple, it was obvious that she was targeting a very powerful woman. The mix of leather and fur added edge to this otherwise simple collection made for a femme fatale. This lady wears purple lipstick, an indication that you should never underestimate her. The militaristic cuts kept it clean cut and put together combined with oversized sweaters that were anything but sloppy. Though there were some conservative turtle neck dresses, the leather added a hint of danger and sex appeal that can only be seen by the perceptive observer.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a sucker for that ultra girly angelic look. Think frills, bows, and flared skirts. This collection offered me exactly that. It was the dessert of Milan Fashion Week with wide legged truffles, vanilla icing, and red velvet cupcakes (to put it metaphorically). Though it began with some more subdued cream coloured looks, some of our favourite fall colours were introduced towards the middle, including tan, burgundy, and mustard yellow. There were clearly some 70s vibes being projected with flared legs and high-waisted hems. Even the music felt a little old school. As the collection hit its closing point, the colours softened up with sheer baby blue gowns that could almost pass off for lingerie. It was sugary and spicy, and essentially, everything was nice.

As previously stated, Dolce & Gabanna was for the mommas of Milan who still have time to look elegant and put together. It was a statement towards women that beauty can be achieved regardless of familial responsibility. Or maybe it wasn't. Whatever you choose to believe, family has always been one of the strongest values for Dolce & Gabanna, as proven by their ad campaigns. Anyway, on to the clothes. As expected, the designers made this collection very much about roses and other forms of floral print in vibrant colours. This time, there was a sense that we were entering the garden of Eden with love letters splattered across the dresses like stationary. The dresses came in classic knee-length cuts but had enough flow to make them come alive. There were some standout earmuffs cascading down the runway on models decked in alphabet dresses. Does it get any more playful then that? These men may have gone to prison, but this collection was better than any other. Perhaps a little jail time was exactly what they needed to welcome a new flow of inspiration.

What did you think of Milan Fashion Week? Which collection was your favourite?

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