Friday, March 6, 2015

The New Term Du Jour: "Girly Goth"

After Giambattista Valli showed his Giamba collection in Milan last week, a new term was coined by the fashion industry: The Girly Goth. Yes, this multi-billion dollar industry has the right to add terms to our lexicon and continues to do so to provide us all with a sense of renewal, innovation, and inspiration. Some are calling it "Instagram Lolita" because of its cutesy appeal, but Girly Goth indicates a certain edge that was prominent in his collection.

What does Girly Goth mean, you ask?

A Girly Goth is precisely what it sounds like. It's a girl inclined to wear gothic garb such as dark colours and eccentric weapon-like accessories. The Girly Goth will add a feminine touch to her look to mask herself as an innocent gamine with a hidden dark side. Some would deem the term an oxymoron, but in fashion speak, anything is possible because there are no limits to style. When everything has been done before, the only way to innovate is by combining multiple trends to create something original.

Let me take you through this year's Giamba collection. It started off with some feminine floral mini dresses that projected 90s vibes worn with knee high buckled black boots. The shoes were the statement goth piece in all of the looks ranging from black platforms to black suede boots. These adorable mini dresses were worn over black mesh tights that one might chance upon at a burlesque club. Though there was fur, this fluffy look was juxtaposed with cinched 50 shades of grey black leather belts. Every look had a spritz of attitude regardless of the bright colours like yellow, pink, and blue that infiltrated the collection.

What do you think of the Girly Goth look? Do you identify? Will it become the new trend we've all been searching for?

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