Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What Your Favourite Lipstick Says About You

It's a common saying in today's society that red is a woman's signature lip colour. Just when we thought we were all being bold and unique, another girl comes up with that same line to counter our feeling of individuality. With so many colours on the lip spectrum to choose from, it may actually be considered conventional to select red as your signature. Gone are the days where this look made a statement. Today, everyone is inspired to try it and attempt to own it. If this is the case for you and you're feeling a bit dejected, that's okay. Red has a lot of amazing things to say about your personality. Based on my addiction to experimenting with lipstick colours, I've decided to provide you with a personality analysis based on your best lipstick. Are you ready?

You're a more subtle girl who loves keeping her look as natural as possible. You're sweet, good natured and incredibly approachable. Though you are a closet seductress, you prefer more subtle ways of exhibiting intrigue such as eye contact. Your wardrobe consists of more muted tones such as beige, white, and black because you strongly adhere to the saying that less is more.
Advocates of this look: J.Lo, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Keira Knightley

You like to pack a punch, but you're a true classicist at heart. You're known to be a bit of a feminist and for being incredibly knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects. Your sex appeal is immediate and every time you enter a room, people can sense that about you. You're aware of the power of a red lip and use it to your advantage to ensure that nobody messes with you even though they're all dying to approach you. Your wardrobe consists mostly of black, but every once in a while, you like to add a splash of colour to match your mood. 
Advocates of this look: Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, and Gwen Stefani

You're incredibly feminine and have a playful attitude that people adore. You live for fashion, your active social life, and witty banter. A pink lip is your way of saying that you're a tough girl, but you're still girly, silly, and fun. Your wardrobe consists of an array of bright colours because you love to play around with fashion and make a style statement no matter where you go.
Advocates of this look: Emma Stone, Alexis Bledel, and Kaley Cuoco

Known to be the wildest girl in your group of friends, you enjoy a great party with a huge crowd that you can work. You love making new friends and starting conversations about passionate interests and philosophical ideas. Your orange lip is a symbol of self-expression and invites a lot of attention, which you love. Your wardrobe is filled with LWDs, but occasionally you'll mix it up with some nude. If you're going to add colour, it will always be part of your beauty look. When it comes to clothes, you're a neutral girl and proud.
Advocates of this look: Jessica Alba, Rita Ora, and and Margot Robbie

You're mysterious and edgy, but you still aren't afraid to be bold. Though you consider yourself to be more individualistic, you have a tight knit group of friends whom you hold close. You're very loyal and committed to the people in your life and don't put up with fake friendships. Purple is your way of making a statement while ensuring that nobody rubs you the wrong way. Your wardrobe consists of many dark colours like black, burgundy, and brown. Your favourite look? A classic LBD and some patterned tights.
Advocates of this look: Rihanna, Megan Fox, and Lorde
Which look is your signature? 

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