Monday, December 29, 2014

The 2014-2015 Fashion Dictionary

In case you missed it, in the year 2014, new fashion terms were invented and added to the lexicon. As designers put together innovative concepts, these translated into a series of words to describe these fresh interpretations of former trends. Every year, the fashion dictionary expands and new terms are added. This year was no different and perhaps even more replete with new terminology. For the fashion novice, these words may induce forehead lines and blank stares. And thus, this post is dedicated to you. If you missed a few fashion inventions, here is your chance to catch up for the New Year. I've concocted a list of fashion terms that came alive this year along with the designer who helped them reach fruition. Take a look below and I hope this helps you stay up-to-date for 2015.

This term is a combination of athletic wear and leisure (duh). Coined in Alexander Wang's H&M capsule collection, this word is meant to convince consumers that you don't need to be athletic to pull off sportswear. Tank tops and leggings are no longer reserved for religious gym-goers, but rather, the fashionistas on the streets who run from one show to the next. Gone are the days of racing to Kors in stilettoes. The sneakers has been revived and it's no longer just your basketball shoe.

What is normcore, you ask? Apparently it was invented in the 90's on Seinfeld, but with the 90's fashion revival, designers have brought it back to life. Though this was more of a street style trend, the mom jean has made an appearance at catwalk shows as well such as Karen Walker and Adam Selman. Will Normcore continue into the new year? We'll have to wait and see.

This one will definitely be popular in the New Year as it has only recently surfaced in light of the Apple Watch. This term has been in the works throughout fashion week, but DVF's Google Glass and Apple's Apple Watch have propelled its introduction to the fashion lexicon. What does it mean? It means that technology is finally shaking hands with fashion and calling a peace treaty. Wearable tech is the new black, ladies and gentlemen, so get ready for this one to skyrocket in 2015.

Health Goth
This one may be slightly more obscure, but that is exactly where it gets its intrigue. It started last year with Jeremy Scott uploading photos to Instagram as well as American musician, Mike Grabarek, and promises to expand in the New Year. What is it? When the goth meets the environmentally conscious, you get a health goth. With a newfound interest in taking care of our planet emerging, we can expect to see more of this one coming soon to a runway near you.

Are you ready to enter the New Year? I wonder what fashion terms the industry will come up with next...

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