Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Is About All Things Sparkly: DUH

Christmas is NEXT WEEK. That's right. The sales have started, boxing week is just around the corner, and STILL nobody knows what they plan on wearing to their office Christmas party or New Years Eve cocktail. You step into a store and every collection is flooded with sequins and sparkles, but frankly, you're not that kind of girl. Will you ever wear head-to-toe sequins again? Unlikely. The saleswoman takes you around the store and offers an excellent service, but unfortunately, every collection looks identical and that something special just isn't catching your eye. Where are the metallics, you ask? The salesgirl offers you a dumbfounded stare. What about monochromatic dresses, you inquire? Yet another uncomfortable silence.



Apparently, during the month of December, there was an excess of glitter at the arts and crafts shop. This is probably because nobody would buy any of it during the rest of the year. What better way to suck in that Christmas shopper then with the easy sell that sequins are the ONLY way to dress at a Christmas event. After all, you have to get rid of them because once the holiday season is over, nobody is buying that stuff. And then, the worst happens. Everyone at dinner is wearing a sequin in a different colour. Before you know it, we're all shining bright like a diamond and nobody stands out from the crowd. There's glitter in your eye and it wasn't even worth it.

In other words, December is the month where fashion goes to die. Individuality gets crushed by a waterfall of sequins sprinkling all over it and everyone is caught wearing the exact same thing.

As a major fan of a wide variety of textures, I cannot understand how sequins have become the "go-to" for Christmas and New Years. To top it all off, these two events are a week apart and yet, nobody seems to see the problem with a fashion magazine that ONLY advertises things that sparkle for BOTH events. As much as I love a sequin, is it not the most predictable choice on these particular holidays? Shouldn't we opt for the unpredictable? Shouldn't we choose an outfit that we know nobody will be wearing? Isn't our worst nightmare to be caught in the same dress as Tiffany, our bitchy cousin from Wisconsin? As an excellent opportunity for common folk to get all dressed up, shouldn't we be yearning to defy fashion conventions and show off our unique sense of style?

What is the purpose of this discussion, you ask? I suppose I am desperately trying to find fashion in a pool of sparkle. As with everything, sequins and glitter are good in moderation and in the world of fashion, they are best worn when nobody expects it. So this year, try something different. Be bolder by avoiding the typical holiday choice. Perhaps you can try something new in the spirit of the new year. Experiment with a trend you have never tried before. Dress like it's February 2015 and resolve to escape your comfort zone. THAT is what fashion is all about. And if by any chance, you still want to sparkle, try a small accessory. It may pack that punch better than any sparkly dress.


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