Monday, December 22, 2014

Long Skirts Are The New Pants

2014 was the year of athleisure. In other words, everyone shook off their stilettos in exchange for a comfy sneaker, and gym pants became the new chic. For this reason, I have recently been craving femininity, a concept that has slipped away. To bring it back, I decided to take my first pre-New Year risk. I bought a midi skirt.

Yes, I am 5" tall. It is undeniable that I fall under the petite category and I could never have imagined myself in a midi skirt. But alas, I was fed up of wearing skinny jeans and unprepared for the mom jean trend that has invaded the fashion world. Baby steps led me to a full midi skirt (think Oscar de la Renta meets Raf Simons for Dior). I immediately fell in love and had to have it. As someone who has seen multiple short celebrities don the midi, including Miroslava Duma and Rachel Bilson, I knew it was in my future. It was only a matter of time before I decided to take the leap.

Now that I have finally taken that risk, I've decided to impart my own wisdom on short girls who share my fear of the leg cropping midi.

TIP 1:
Wear heels
This is a given. Even if you aren't a heels girl (which would blow my mind if you are in the short girl club), a small wedge would suffice. It will definitely solve your height problem. A nude heel would further elongate your legs and ensure that they don't look even smaller than they already are.
TIP 2:
Make Sure It's High Waisted
A higher waisted bottom is a short girl's best friend. Embrace it, especially if you're opting for a midi skirt or wider leg jean. It's a great way to make your lower half look longer.
TIP 3:
Wear It With A Crop Top
Nothing elongates quite like a crop top. No matter what, this is a perfect illusion creator for short girls.
TIP 4:
OR Tuck It In
If you don't like crop tops because that sliver of skin is not too flattering, tuck in a cute blouse. It will have a similar elongating effect on you.
TIP 5:
Do It Like Duma
This may not sound too concrete, but simply making the purchase is the first step. The rest will come afterwards.
Convinced yet? Let's make it our new years resolution, shall we?



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