Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My VS Fashion Show Play-By-Play (With Some Opinions)

In case you missed it, here is a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show play-by-play. Are you ready?

I began with a strong hope that this year's show would start with a smash, but all I got were some sparkles as the backdrop to the impending extravaganza. Oh well. A few Angels walked the runway in golden undergarments starting with the recently wed Behati Prinsloo, and those flashy golden wings were pretty in a conventional VS fashion show type of way. 'Twas cute.

My favourite collection, "Dream Girls", was introduced by Taytay aka The Lost Angel. Obviously, she was wearing lingerie just like all her other besties. Usually, she's known to wear slightly more clothing, but peer pressure always wins in the end. Before long, she will be walking the runway with the others.

And then, the ultimate shocker happened. Ed Sheeran appeared on stage, awkwardly shuffling with his guitar. Our two favourite Brazilians stepped on stage like twins in fantasy bras, feathers were worn, and kisses were blown. It was spec-freaking-tacular. I yawned. At least the outfits were cute.

Suddenly, Ariana Grande appeared singing Love Me Harder and everyone took her for an Angel due to her adorable little mini skirt undies. Of course, she introduced the much sought after teen collection, PINK. She proceeded to "bang bang into the room" by herself. No Jessie J or Nicki Minaj in sight. I was half hoping they would appear for that extra element of surprise, but alas, it never happened. The biggest shocker of all? Her dancers wore SO much clothing. Obviously, Ariana stole all the attention away from the models strutting down the stage as she worked that half ponytail. Although, I must admit that their outfits in this segment were my absolute favourite. I have a feeling Ariana's high pitched voice will be stuck in my head for months to come.

When the set changed, I knew I was in for something amazing. We were transported into a dark forest a la Snow White. And then Hozier appeared and I was like "who?" I can imagine the girls thought the same. Where was Bruno? How anticlimactic.

Finally, the grand finale took place and Taylor Swift returned holding hands with BFF Karlie Kloss and introduced her (future) smash hit "Style". How a propos.

The best part about the whole show? The location. London, baby. Oh, and Alessandra Ambrosio (as per usual).

And scene.



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