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Pre-Fall 2015 In Review

It is mid-winter and the fashion world is already two seasons ahead with the recent release of the Pre-Fall  2015 collections. On the bright side, these items can still provide us with further inspiration on our current looks, while ensuring that we remain ahead of the trend. Pre-Fall is one of my favourite times of year because during those rough and tedious winter months, it gives us some fashion to feed our frozen souls. There may be no fashion week until the spring, but there are still new collections to ogle at and aspire to purchase. After taking a closer look at every designer collection, I have selected five for review that caught my attention. As with each new fashion season, I have chosen the designer collections that were composed of a majority of looks that I am dying to wear. Without further ado, here are my top five.

While Roberto Cavalli collections are often too concentrated in animal prints, I found this one to be one of his best pre collections. Of course, prints still reigned supreme, but as a fan of pattern diversity, I could not resist the excellent styling skills that were executed in this particular collection. Baggy leather pants were a major favourite and if this collection is any indication, they will be a major emerging trend in 2015. Leather appeared in other forms as well such as oversized sweaters and classy cut dresses. Can there ever really be too much leather? As per usual, the leopard print made an appearance on several looks in a black and white hue, but it was not the dominant print. The colour palette consisted of burgundy, mustard yellow, and a surprise in the form of pastel pink. A few pant suits were a central point in this collection and some boho dresses that somehow kept Cavalli's edge intact. As for my favourite part? That would have to be the coloured fur a la Fendi. I'm hoping this trend will continue to grow and prosper in the new year. 
My rating? 8/10 for mixing prints like a pro.

Very Cavalli, very edgy, and very contemporary.

Every now and then, Prabal Gurung comes out with a collection for me to obsess over. This was one of them.  As with the Just Cavalli collection, this one swam in prints and bold fashion choices that resonated with me. Whether black and white or floral, no print was left uninvited to this party. At first, black and white seemed to be the dominant theme, keeping it monochromatic. As you dug deeper into the collection, an array of colours like red, yellow, and blue made an appearance. It was a lesson in artwork in the shape of dresses, skirts, and pants. Who says there can be such a thing as too many prints? Clearly, not Prabal. Based on this collection, wide leg pants will be the new dominant pant cut in 2015. Am I excited? I will be once someone shows petite girls how to wear it. Feminine dresses in A-line cuts were also a popular look as well as the oversized coat (of which I am a big fan). Some of these looks may even make the Red Carpet. I suppose we shall wait and see.
My rating? 7/10 for eye candy.

LOOK I LOVE: Look 35
The texture of that top needs to meet my hands.

I am a HUGE Antonio Berardi fan. If I could, I would have every piece from many of his collections in my wardrobe. This collection mimicked architecture with clean cut shapes and my personal favourite, asymmetry. Speaking of texture, there was an abundance of it featured in this collection. Whether in the form of beading or wool, this was definitely hand candy (if that were to exist). To all powerful women out there, this was THE collection for you. A mix of pantsuits with classy blazers and vests, each of these looks screamed independent woman. No female empowerment collection is complete without red and this collection showcased the colour with pride. Bold inserts of red permeated the collection in the form of skirts and dresses. Grey was another dominant presence, but it was anything but its usual sombre self. With plenty of shape and movement, this dark shade became a symbol of fluidity and strength. The collection ended with the contrasting white, reminding us all that we can and MUST wear white after labour day. Once again, fabric was manipulated in such a unique way, that we'll all be climbing those shelves for each elaborate piece.
My rating? 9/10 for shapulation (shape manipulation).

LOOK I LOVE: Look 11
This matching set has my name written all over it.

At first I thought, "who is Josh Goot?" And then I thought, "Can we be friends?" This collection was so clean and yet so interesting with all its shapes and cuts. The mass of floral prints and knee length dresses oozed femininity and yet, I wasn't bored. There was a sense of pureness almost akin to the Garden of Eden in this collection. Perhaps it was in the flowers or maybe the simplicity of the model with pulled back wet hair. Once again, the asymmetry added intrigue to many of the looks whether on skirts or the backs dresses. There were some classy white looks that would be perfect for Spring and Fall (if you're a rule breaker like that). The dark forest met wonderland in a fairytale fantasy that I yearned to enter. While black and white dominated, some inserts of blues, yellows, and purples tickled the eye. Skirts were the focal point and in individual forms, they appealed to a variety of tastes. I'm expecting to see some of these looks at the next celebrity event. Let's hope Emma Watson or Diane Kruger concurs.
My Rating? 8/10 for mystique.

LOOK I LOVE: Look 21
This is so pretty, my eyes are melting.

Somehow, Fendi always makes it as my favourite. I can't help it. I'm a Fendi girl. I know Karl is better known for Chanel, but Fendi beats it by a mile in my book. Shh. Don't tell anyone. Now, let's talk about this marvellous collection. I'd like to start off by saying that I adore Lindsey Wixson and this may have contributed to my bias. She looks so darn cute in Fendi furs that I'm girl crushing hard. This particular collection was all about coats, because Karl knows that your outerwear is everything at this time of year. Whether in a bold print or a colourful fur, each piece was playful and a statement in and of itself. Who cares what you're wearing underneath unless it's a beautiful Fendi mini skirt in turquoise or plum. These were the colours that dominated this collection. Unusual for Fall? I would say so. But alas, Karl is an innovator and if he can introduce these new hues for this chilly season, who are we to question it? The collection has everything I love and live for, whether fluff, mod dresses and skirts, or leather bits and pieces. The prints were abundant as well and made a statement in every possible way. If I were a six year old girl, I would adore this collection. As a 23 year old, I'm obsessed. What's not to love? Colourful mini dresses? Check. Graphic prints? Check. A sprinkle of whimsy? Check. Luxurious furry accessories? Check. SOLD to the lady at the left.
My rating? 10/10 because Karl is the fashion king.

LOOKS I LOVE: 16, 37, 39
Because you can't pick just one.

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Which was your favourite Pre-Fall collection? 

Ponder it.



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