Thursday, December 11, 2014

That Time Alexander Wang #BroketheInternet

Did that image make you uncomfortable?

How about that one?

Thought so.

After scoping the internet for comments on Alexander Wang's recent denim campaign, I was surprised to see a slew of praise that made me question my propensity to say "huh?"

The best part is that the above photos aren't the worst of the bunch, but I chose to omit the image of Anna Ewers touching herself out of respect for her and others who feel as uncomfortable with this as I do. Yes, Wang #BroketheInternet, but at what cost? I understand that denim is a saturated market, but does this really make people want to buy the pants or the woman? Am I the only one slightly turned off by this blatant display of female sexuality? I feel like I'm intruding on Anna Ewers' private time.

Obviously, Alexander Wang got the well spread memo that "sex sells", but haven't we established that good jeans sell too? And didn't he just come out with an H&M collaboration that already increased his popularity ranking? Come on, Wang.

Now, I would not consider myself a prude. I believe in fashion's campaign to #freethenipple, but there are so many other ways of displaying nudity that are not quite as cringe inducing. A woman's body is beautiful, but oiled up to this extent, it looses its tastefulness and becomes a clear cry for attention.

Remember when you saw that girl in your class on Facebook posing with pouty lips in front of the camera screaming for someone to notice her cleavage? You thought, "wow, that girl is insecure and needs attention real bad" or maybe you thought, "she's hot". But then again, she wasn't trying to sell jeans, was she? She was just a girl like any other imitating something she may have seen in a magazine.

Now, there's a question I'd like to ask. Can you envision this image in your latest Vogue? Can you imagine your 12 year old sister catching a glimpse? Is that what you would call "pushing the boundaries" or does it take things to a level where people can't leave it on their coffee table? I am all for boundary pushing, but to what degree?

On the bright side, the image stayed in my mind for over a week and therefore, it must have done its job. Does it make me scream for those jeans? Probably not. But I am talking about it, so I suppose Wang got exactly the reaction he wanted. Now we all know that Alexander Wang makes jeans.

Alexander Wang for H&M? So last month.
Kim Kardashian's oiled body on Paper Mag? Psh, Kim who?

Make way for Alexander Wang and let me know what you think of this image. Good career move or pornographic? Or both?

Ponder it,



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