Thursday, December 18, 2014

'Tis The Season To Be Fluffy

Winter is all about fluff. Snow tumbles on the ground only to transform into a bundle of white fluff that children make snowballs out of and throw at innocent passerby. As Buble would say, "It's a marshmallow world in the winter" and frankly, that sounds delicious. So, baby, it may be cold outside, but at least we can rely on fluff to keep us warm and cozy and compliment our Starbucks cup. This season, there is nothing more glamorous than some extra texture and for those who are not big on fur coats, it's time to take a look at some other alternatives. 

Here are ten fluffy pieces that I ADORE in the winter time. Take a look and get inspired.

The Fluffy Jacket
For those who are accustomed to wearing fluff, the fluffy jacket is an excellent style choice that will keep you feeling fashionable and warm simultaneously. It adds instant chic to your look and will make you want to keep that coat on no matter where you go.
The Fluffy Scarf
Not ready to commit to a coat? No matter. The fluffy scarf is a small accent  that will keep you feeling snug without the extra weight of a jacket. It can be subtle or bold, but make sure it's true to you.
The Fluffy Vest
A fluffy vest is yet another alternative to the fluffy jacket. You may not be ready for all that fluff and I completely understand. This way, you can ease into it with a sleeveless variation of your typical jacket.

The Fluffy Handbag
This year, fluff has been transferred to our handbags and we have Karl Lagerfeld to thank for that one. You may not want to WEAR the fluffy, but you can always carry it on your shoulder.
The Fluffy Sweater
This look is an easy fluffy go-to. Not sure what to wear? A fluffy sweater is ALWAYS the answer at this time of year.
The Fluffy Skirt
While this may seem bizarre to the average onlooker, the fluffy skirt is definitely a fashion statement. It defies expectations and when done right, it can look super cute with just about any slim fitted sweater.

The Fluffy Hat
Nobody does a fluffy hat quite like a Russian fashion editor. Mira Duma reminds us that a fluffy hat can be chic without looking like over (read:road) kill.
The Fluffy Muffs
It rhymes, therefore it is. Didn't some philosopher say that? Muffs are a great alternative to the hat. Breezy day? This invention is your chic solution.

The Fluffy Shoe
No, this is NOT meant to be practical or keep you warm. However, it's whimsical and that in itself is a reason to try it.

Fluffy Mittens
Who needs fingers? If you want to avoid frostbitten hands, do as the fashionistas do and wear fluffy mitts. They may seem silly now, but just wait until you slip them on. Toasty.
I hope you'll feel inclined to try one of these fluffy options this winter. Nothing beats the cold quite like a fluffy fashionista.



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