Monday, September 1, 2014

The Makeup Trap

Labor day is a day for rambling. As such, I've chosen to ramble about a subject that troubles and confuses me to no end.

How do we select our makeup?

This question may sound banal, but let's ponder it for a second.

When faced with a wide variety of choices from Lancome to Bobbi Brown to L'Oreal, it's a wonder we actually succeed at making some kind of conclusive decision to purchase one over the other. 

And then begs the question: do I go to Sephora and opt for higher end brands or just buy the drugstore brands? Some would say, drugstore brands are better and that the high end makeup is simply more expensive due to the name and marketing that comes with it. Others would beg to differ.

Which camp do you fall under?

Several months ago, I wrote a post about makeup loyalty (see here) that demanded the same question about choice based on a wide variety of makeup brands. 

My conclusion: Whether or not we are loyal to one brand is not the actual question. The real question is why.

Why that M.A.C lipstick?
Why the Diorshow Mascara?
Who choose that L'Oreal liquid liner?

Is it really about price or are we drawn to the brand for other subconscious reasons?

My theory is that there is a combination of marketing, function, and reliability. If Lancome's Definicils makes our itty bitty lashes look longer, why wouldn't we buy it again? Besides, Alber Elbaz collaborated with the brand and that makes it instantly cooler, right? 

What about M.A.C? 

Are we simply drawn to the brand because of all the celebrity collaborations?
Do we read too many magazines?
Do we choose our makeup brand based on our celebrity icons' makeup choices?
How do we even know that's what they actually use?

I may have no answers to these questions, but I do believe it is worth thinking about. Perhaps you have a certain image of yourself that you think your makeup projects. But then again, the only one in your makeup case is you.

Ponder That,


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