Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Don't You Wish You Were In Milan Last Week?

Milan Fashion Week was a conglomeration of sexy minis, hot pants, and a bit of Barbie. Unfortunately, it didn't amaze me in the same way New York did or even London, but it had its shining moments. Giambattista Valli took the Miu Miu route with his brand new collection, Giamba (which had me seriously confused at first glance. Who is this Giamba and where can I find his lovely clothes?). Cavalli, Dolce and Gabbana, and Gucci delivered as usual, but in a way that was utterly predictable like a romcom where the couple gets together in the end (not that I don't love those). DSquared2 and Moschino excelled at the theatrical by transporting us to the world of the ultimate diva whether in the form of Jeremy Scott's Barbie or Dan and Dean's fluff and froufrou. As per usual, Fendi was the best show at Milan Fashion Week and I don't say this because it's Karl, but it's undeniable that he's brilliant.

Let's recap my five favourite shows:

Scervino is the epitome of Italian beauty: curvaceous, luxurious, and sensual. The show began with a few classic pieces like a pencil skirt in a bold blue hue or sleek strapless dress in a lovely shade of green. The vibe was very pastoral meets glamour (a combination none of us thought possible), particularly at the end with the floral print looks. Italians are also experts at choosing the perfect pieces of skin to display, including shoulders, midriff, and leg. With a few bra tops that were rendered tasteful with frilly blazers, these ladies captured femininity in its purest form. After exploring colour, Scervino reverted to classic white with intricate textures to add allure to each individual piece. And it wouldn't be Milan without some snakeskin, so that was another prominent feature of his collection.The show ended with an evening gown in a classic cut, that was anything but.

I love designers who play with texture and this look aroused my desire for an outfit with interesting tactile appeal perfectly.

When I first looked at this collection, I didn't know it was Giambattista Valli. I just thought it was incredibly pretty and imagined myself wearing every single piece. After scrolling through the entire collection, I discovered that my favourite couture designer was behind it and everything fell into place in my mind. The feminine silhouettes, the elaborate prints, the whimsical tights. It captured my personality in a nutshell. The entire collections projected a girlishness that was very Gossip Girl's Jenny Humphrey pre-makeover and I found myself feeling nostalgic. The platforms gave it that school girl touch I adore, but not without that Milan sex appeal integrated with transparency. It was a little Lolita with a touch of innocence projected through little white dresses with bouffant sleeves. As the show came to an end, the looks became more and more Valli with feathers and intricate stitch work. Every piece belonged in my closet.

This is so girly and yet, the shoes give it that extra attitude necessary to take it from innocent to dangerous.

I don't know if it's the Vacarello influence coming into play, but I'm beginning to really appreciate the Versace aesthetic. The designer uses a minimalist approach to convey sex appeal, which makes the entire collection very model-off-duty. Perhaps the asymmetry in the first look drew me in or maybe the return of the crop top, which has grown on me with every collection this season. There was something about this show that kept pieces of the Versace we all love without being over-the-top 70s sexy as it usually is. There were some interesting details in the show like mesh top and skirt sets and some leather eyelets. There were some classic sixties shifts with some ostentatious prints and a few more subtle black looks. The loved the final pieces because they had graphic sashes and some Versace sparkle. It was definitely one of my favourite Versace shows yet.


New creative director, Stephania Bandiera, blew my mind with this collection for Les Copains. Every piece was wearable and in one word, crisp. With clean white shirts and sleek cropped blazers, there were a number of pieces I wouldn't mind trying on for size. Literally. Some bold necklaces were combined with each predominantly white look to add some flavour and those wedges were definitely up my alley of footwear. The classic spring stripes made an appearance in grey and white and a floral print theme was definitely in that mix to remind us of what we love most about spring. Camo green and beige were other neutrals that surfaced with enough detailing to keep it interesting. Leaves were also displayed in a bold way on sweaters and clean cut dresses to promote the new season in the best way we know how: natural imagery. Finally, the show ended with some tribal prints and one particular red tribal print cape caught my eye. All in all, it was a great success for Stephania.

This look captured spring for me with my favourite trend: the shorts suit. I love the edginess of this look combined with the inherent femininity. I'd wear this in a heartbeat.

Is it wrong to say I love Fendi even more than Chanel? It's always so glamorous and projects a more youthful vibe than the demure Chanel tweeds. I look forward to Fendi every season for one reason: to find out how will Karl incorporate the Fendi fur. The designer didn't disappoint. His furry Karl keychains made an appearance to remind us of his ever present sense of humour. He brought florals to the table to keep up with the spring trend in a variety of forms from print to appliqués on a leather skirt I fell in love with just a little. Some asymmetry caught my eye on a few skirts and jackets. There was also a bit of shredding that reminded me of teenage angst (in a good way). The ombre effect was a nice surprise during the show that took the hair trend to clothing. A  few of those statement jackets are on my current wish-list along with a particular pair of baggy leather pants (a look I'm still trying to pull off). There were some interesting futuristic cutouts that are beginning to grow on me. It seems as though our Karl had some fun with that shredder of his. The show ended with some colourful feathers reminiscent of his fall Fendi furs. Say that ten times fast. I dare you.

I know this isn't as wearable as many of the other looks from the collection, but it had that jaw-dropping factor which made it an instant favourite. If I get to see a blogger sport this look, my life will feel that much more complete.

All images via Style.com.

Which was your favourite Milan collection?

Ponder it.



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