Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#ForTheSakeofFashion Part V: Skirts Over Pants?

As the weather gets cooler, pants become a necessity. It's unavoidable. We had all summer to embrace maxi dresses, mini skirts, and rompers, but it's time to bid them farewell and cover up those legs. The good news is that you no longer have to shave every other day. The bad news is that it's cold outside. In response to the current climate and a desire to keep wearing skirts, bloggers and designers have introduced skirts over pants as a winter alternative. Whether they're trying to be avant-garde or simply couldn't pick just one bottom, we'll never know. We've all fantasized about trying it on those days when tights weren't enough to keep us warm. We've layered with socks, but even that has proven inefficient during Montreal winters. Some of us are guilty of wearing our skirts over pants and removing them upon arriving at our destination. But maybe we don't have to remove them anymore? Once upon a time, this was a complete fashion faux pas, but as usual, the fashion world makes us go "maybe?".

The first time I caught a glimpse of this look was on The Man Repeller aka Leandra Medine, my life icon and style mentor. In fact, I'm pretty sure she started the trend herself. After a while, she turned it into her thing by wearing it a number of times with a variety of outfits. At first, I was like "what?", but I discovered that it's an acquired taste and after seeing it a number of times on the blogger, my "what" turned into a "maybe" which transformed into a dare.

via underaveil.blogspot.com
Needless to say, I haven't tried it yet. When I saw it on the runway, I knew it wasn't just popular because Leandra decided to do it. After all, she's known for her outfit shenanigans that epitomize her blog name. When I saw it at Kenzo and Armani, it dawned on me that this is a real fashion trend. Forget opaque tights. Say goodbye to those leggings. Just keep your pants on.

Though this trend has not integrated itself to the streets of anywhere other than the fashion capitals of the world, I look forward to spotting someone wearing it in my city. As for me, you may find me donning this look at a street corner of Downtown Montreal or on Instagram. Just dare me and I might do it #ForTheSakeofFashion.



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