Friday, September 19, 2014

#IconCity: London Loves Kate Moss and I Do Too

Let's talk about the biggest icon the London scene brought into our lives: Kate Moss. It's a wonder she hasn't made this list until now. Anyone who thinks of London fashion immediately turns to Kate Moss. She's that girl everyone has heard of who conveys a glamorous lifestyle simply based on the way she dresses. Moss has walked every runway show imaginable from Burberry to Alexander McQueen. Discovered at the ripe age of 14, this girl was born to model. After jumpstarting her career with a Calvin Klein campaign in 1993, she's become unforgettable. She may have just turned 40, but her recent campaigns for Stuart Weitzman and Burberry fragrance with her successor Cara Delevingne proves she's still got it.

Let's take a look at some of her best looks.

Kate rocks this hat like no other Brit and I'm a sucker for a great hat. She wears head-to-toe black without looking too plain. If you know Kate Moss, you know that plain is never a word associated with this model. She may be wearing flats, but she always looks glamorous.
Kate wears a leopard coat without looking too kitschy and that says a lot. With a bold yellow clutch, she knows that you can never make too many statements with black when it comes to accessorizing. I couldn't agree more.
Kate does the 80s look and of course, it looks amazing. I have a soft spot for great shoulder pads and Kate proves that it is not tacky in the least.
Matching outfits are very on trend this season and Kate wears it effortlessly. This is all very Juicy Couture circa 1995.
via lolobu
Kate is known for her luxurious furs that characterize her as a glamorous woman. This one is to-die-for and this is her on a candid day. How do you look at your most candid?
What do you think of these looks? Which Kate Moss is your favourite?

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