Monday, September 15, 2014

So, New York Fashion Week Happened

September is the best month of the year (no, it's not my birthday). The fashion obsessed compulsively check their doorstep for that September Issue, while scrambling for a new fall wardrobe with a potential for cozy knits, oversized coats, and beanies. Personally, this is my favourite time of year because it happens to be fashion week, or shall I say, month. Though the thought of Spring collections makes us all slightly depressed, it also allows us to aspire to warmer days that will return as they always do. This year, New York Fashion Week was filled with beautiful crisp white, hints of transparency, gingham, and yes, florals. It was exactly what we wanted it to be and more. After watching all the runway shows, here is a review of my top five.

Traditionally, I haven't been much of a Kors girl. Though I love the accessories, the clothing always seemed far too wholesome for the edgier image I prefer to convey. Despite the long hemlines, I cannot wear due to my unnatural height, the overall feminine vibe of the collection definitely resonated with me. Some of my favourite things were present during the Michael Kors show, including Peter Pan collars, structured coats, matching sets, and a dash of midriff. It made me think of picnics in the park with those you love on bright summer days. Though this may have been due to the striking yellow coat that made its way down the runway, it was also reflected in the gingham print spread across various looks in the show. A bit of plaid reminded us that gingham is not a replacement, but simply another print that makes us all feel wholesome as can be. And if you're looking for a classic white blouse, Kors is the way to go. Michael Kors is a classics man and if you love a good classic, you're in for a treat.

My Favourite Look: 54
I may have chosen the most daring look in the collection (mostly because it's head-to-toe black), but it's only because it's the one that reflected my personality the most. I'm still not over those crop tops, and apparently, neither is Michael Kors. I love the juxtaposition of a simple crop top with a full skirt filled with eyelet motifs. Edgy meets feminine? 'Tis simply divine.

Every season I dwell on how much I love Honor and the fact that it is an underrated brand. This season is no different. The collection takes me back to my girlish roots with whimsical prints reminiscent of a healthy candy addiction and oversized bows. As someone who's a self-proclaimed sucker for bows, I couldn't resist much of the collection as it satisfied my deepest fantasy. Though there was a lot of white, Giovanna Randall played with textures in a way that made me fall in love with every LWD in sight. The hints of baby blue were positively delightful and one particular bright orange vest caught my eye. I sincerely hope to see Zosia Mamet sport one of these looks. Fingers crossed.

My Favourite Look: 8
Contrary to the Michael Kors look I chose, this one satisfies my more whimsical side. I love the layering on top as it adds an interesting texture to a simple dress. And as much as I'm a heels girl, I'd buy those flats in a heartbeat.

Say what you will, but it takes a true genius to dare to incorporate fur in a Spring collection. Gilles Mendel wouldn't have it any other way. According to, the collection was inspired by artist, Enoc Perez, a man who shares a mutual love for architecture with the designer. The aesthetic appeal was accentuated by this shared passion through the abstract designs on many of the dresses. Whether a mini or a maxi, every piece was a work of art, but still wearable as can be. The pretty pleats and sexy high slits added some feminine flair, while other looks took on a more structured approach. A particular white jacket caught my eye and I haven't been able to get it off my mind since. With each look, the collection got edgier as leather began to surface, particular in a striking red. Let's not forget those adorable red handbags that were simply to-die-for.

My Favourite Look: 41
There is no combination I love more than a jumpsuit with leather. The slight peak of red makes this look even sexier and increases my obsession with it. And don't even get me started on those shoes.

Oscar knows what women want. According to Karlie Kloss, his choochoo, this is a given. Every year, Oscar brings us lovely full skirted gowns that we all dream of wearing on a Red Carpet. This year, there were a few more wearables in the mix that I'm coveting. Once again, there were some crop tops that made it into the mix, proving that they aren't ready to disappear from the fashion scene just yet. Just like in Michael Kors, gingham was the print of choice and pastel pink, the dominant colour. Every pair of shorts on that runway was screaming my name. A few eyelets were introduced as well on full length Oscar skirts and sleeveless blouses. It was all very sophisticated and we were transported to a garden party featuring the most important guests (including the Duchess Kate herself). I hope to see her in one of these looks, but no promises. The biggest surprise was the abundance of oxfords that contrasted with the supremely feminine looks. It was all feathers, floral appliqués, and a Karlie Kloss finale. It was so very Oscar and so undeniably perfect.

My Favourite Look: 40
Sasha Luss looks magnificent in this sparkly flared dress by Oscar. The necklace is a great statement piece without being too loud and everything about this says "wear me".

Who doesn't love Christian Siriano? He captures that feminine flavour better than anyone. More crop tops made an appearance in his collection and this put a smile on my face. Siriano played with transparency and transformed some basic white dresses into magical pieces of art. The feathers reappeared, predicting a new trend, and a bit of sparkle was integrated into the collection to make some pieces Red Carpet worthy. The collection ended with a soft mint green and a jumpsuit only Beyonce could pull off. No matter. Fashion is all about aspiration, is it not? 

My Favourite Look: 9
This is my new favourite LWD. It may look like a classic white dress at first, but if you look at the detailing, you know you're in the hands of an artist. 

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Which collection was your favourite?

Ponder it.



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