Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blynk Is My New Tinder

A few weeks ago, I decided to give in to social demands and get Tinder. After a few swipes left and right, I began to feel time drag on, but somehow, I couldn't stop. I stopped looking at the guys and simply swishing my finger back instinctively. Back in June, a new app was launched that uses the same swiping mechanism and that's when I knew it was all about the swipe effect.

Meet Blynk. Blynk is the Tinder of the fashion world. It follows the same concept, but with street style outfits that you can choose to like or not to like. After several swipes, the app directs you to outfit recommendations and then takes you to their website for purchase. If you thought Tinder was satisfying, this app is even better. Unlike Tinder, nobody is judging you. Blynk is all about discovering your personal style and getting inspired.

Here are five reasons Blynk is better than Tinder.

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It was founded in Toronto.
Automatically, my love for this app increased as soon as I found out it was Canadian. Call me biased, but I feel even better knowing that I'm supporting entrepreneurs in my own country.

Blynk doesn't judge.
Though the men on Tinder may be rating you based on your looks, Blynk will give you that self-esteem boost without any judgement added.

Blynk leads to self-development
While Tinder is about meeting potential mates, Blynk is about understanding yourself as a person. By making these subconscious fashion choices, you can discover what you really like and what doesn't quite float your banana.

Blynk makes recommendations
While Tinder just reveals a series of men or women in proximity to you, Blynk makes recommendations. If only Tinder would do the same and filter the selection based on our swipes.

Blynk allows you to choose which parts of the outfit you like.
Needless to say, Tinder doesn't let us do the same.

It's time to get Blynk and let me know what you think. Would you rather swipe left for Tinder or right for Blynk?

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