Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Addiction To Shoppers Points

Three years ago, I decided to get an Optimum Point Card at Pharmaprix. I was drawn in at the prospect of free cosmetics, nail polish, chips, chocolate, and everything my heart desired.

The card is free, they said.

Who wouldn't buy it????

When Sephora opened in Montreal, I decided to take a peak and was in awe when they told me that with the Sephora Beauty Insider card, I could receive a free gift for every 100 points. In addition to that, I'd get a sample every year on my birthday.

I need that card, I thought to myself. So, I got it.

via loyalty.sephora-me.com

Several months ago, I was shopping at the Hudson's Bay and I was sucked into another points card.

It'll give you 15% off your first purchase, they told me, and you could get free stuff with those points.

Score. I needed that thing. And done.

Today, I have three cards that offer me access to cosmetics and I no longer know where to shop. Needless to say, I'm a sucker for the word "free" and who isn't?

Some people are addicted to credit cards, but you've only won my heart if you offer me a chance a free cosmetics.

Another reason I love points is because I feel like I'm playing a game. If I get enough rewards points, I get a prize, and who doesn't love that? Perhaps the child in me is squealing in excitement and saying, "Mommy, I want to play THAT game". As the boss of my own life, I get to make these decisions for myself and of course, I want to win. Furthermore, it's not a contest with others that ends in tears, but rather, a contest with oneself. How could I possible lose?

Now, let me ask you this: are points cards worth it?

How do you decide which cards to get?
How do you resist the urge to sign up for every card that's handed to you?

If the Bay is for M.A.C and TopShop, I definitely need that one.
If Sephora gives me access to exclusive brands, I NEED that one too.
As for Pharmaprix, you ALWAYS need your pharmaceuticals.

So, are these cards really a bad thing? Am I gaining from this? What do you think of the points system?

Ponder It,




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