Thursday, August 21, 2014

What Your Nail Polish Collection Says About You

My Collection
I wrote this post back in 2013 about my addiction to Essie nail polish (read it!). For some inexplicable reason, I LOVE Essie (good marketing?). All my friends wear Essie, my aesthetician uses Essie, and it has every shade your brain could possibly imagine. When it is on sale, my heart leaps out of my chest and it instantly becomes the best day of my life. I can't explain why. It just is.

Yet, there are so many other amazing brands to choose from:
Deborah Lippman
China Glaze
Marc Jacobs
Butter London
Hard Candy

The list goes on. So, why Essie? It feels right to me and perhaps someday I will be open to other brands, but for now, this is my poison.

Your nail polish collection is not only about the brand you choose but the colours you select. Let me tell you, this says a lot about the kind of person you are. Based on my pre-conceived notions of people, I've decided to help you figure out who you are and whether you'd like to become more experimental based on your nail lacquer collection.

If Your Collection Consists Of...

MOSTLY Reds, Pinks, and Orange Tones
You're a classicist. You're not really a nail polish risk-taker, but you like it that way. You want to look classy and put-together at ALL TIMES. That is perfectly fine. I won't look down on you. I admire your loyalty to a chic selection of colours. Your number one is probably Essie's cult favourite Fiji. That's fine. I own it too. Keep on wearing Fiji. It's lovely.

MOSTLY Blues, Greens, and Shades of Black.
You're a little edgier than most. Your aunt might give your nails a looksie and cringe a little bit, but you like it. You want that reaction. The weirder the colour, the better you feel. Who needs those standard colours? You especially LOVE that there are so many versions of black on the market. After all, who can pick just one? You're probably a big fan of Essie's Butler Please, Turquoise and Caicos, or Devil's Advocate. Your nails are always bold and edgy, exactly like you. And who's to judge?

You are the most patient person on the planet (in my biased opinion). You love YouTube because it offers a world of options. Who needs one colour on your nails when you can have 3? Louboutin nails? Love it. Polka dots? Bring it on. Multi-coloured french mani? That's the ONLY way to do it. You love experimenting and you're a major risk-taker. If you make a mess, who cares? It's all art, isn't it? You're a lot of fun to be around because you'll try anything once. People really love you.

MOSTLY French Manicures, White, or Nudes
You ONLY paint your nails on special occasions. You like them clean and cut. You are very clean cut yourself. You love a classic pantsuit for work with a chic bob or blunt bang. Your nude Celine handbag is your best friend. Who needs wild colours? Those are for children, you say. I'm ready to be a woman. You ALWAYS look sophisticated and people envy your for it. You don't need to try new things because you know what you like and you're more experience driven than trend driven. I salute you.

This may be a product of my imagination, but you might find some truth to it. Take a peak at your nail polish collection tonight and let me know where you stand.

Ponder That,



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