Monday, August 4, 2014

5 Fall Trends That Need To Be Reconsidered

August is upon us my friends and you know what that means? Every magazine from A to Vogue will be posting their Fall trend report to prepare us for the daunting approach of the new season. As much as I love to layer, Fall also brings back some trends we've all seen a thousand times before. For example, it isn't Fall if plaid is not EVERYWHERE. It isn't Fall without a fur (real or faux). It isn't Fall without an abundance of leather, wool, and shearling. And of course, Fall is ALWAYS about grey, burgundy, and black and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. What if we all started wearing florals in the Fall? What if we walked outside in head-to-toe pastels? Would we be scrutinized by onlookers? Would we forget what season we're in? Would that be a good thing? Or are these predictable fashion trends a comfort zone we'd rather not escape?

Let's take a look at five fall trends we're all a little tired of and decide which ones we'd rather stop seeing and which ones should stay.

What designer doesn't love a good fur in their Fall collection? For logical reasons, fur is always a Fall staple (it keeps us warm). PETA isn't too keen on fur, but has that stopped anyone? No. Because it's too damn cold to give it up. Fur is also sign of luxury and coziness, a combination we couldn't live without. 
Verdict: Keep It
For some reason, plaid always reminds us of Fall. It is THE print that dominates the fashion scene during the colder months and nobody can beat it at its game. Whether worn over your shoulders or around your waist, plaid is bound to make an appearance on the fall runways. The problem is that if everyone thinks that way, we'll find ourselves living in a world of plaid and what fun would that be?
Verdict: Discard (find a new print, people!)
I know it's cold and these could hardly be avoided, but they are EVERYWHERE in the fall. I suppose it's all about how you wear it. When layered right, this could make for quite an interesting outfit.
Verdict: Keep It
Yes, I know this is a colour and I can't just make it disappear, but why must it invade the fall runways? Can't we opt for a brighter colour? Pretty please with a cherry red on top? Hint Hint.
Verdict: Discard (because we need to see something new)
Who else is really sick of seeing houndstooth all over the place? I'll admit. I do have a houndstooth romper and I love it very much, but that's good enough for me. Every once in a while, it can make an appearance, but every year is generally overkill.
Verdict: Discard/Keep It (it has its on and off seasons)
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All I'm saying is that it's high time we spice things up a little. Do something bold. Try a spring trend in the fall or mix them together. Breaking the rules will take you from trend follower to trendsetter.



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