Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My Obsession With Bows Runs Deep

I have a problem. Ever since I was a little girl, I've loved putting little barrettes in my hair. Back then, it was deemed adorable and that was fine with me. As I grew into a young adult, I continued to love the beloved bow as it adorned my plain brown locks in a lovely way. Unfortunately, it is still considered adorable.

As a 5" tall woman, I've been called short for a number of years and consequently, I've been mistaken for a 13 year old. At my age, this cannot yet be considered flattering. Rather, it indicates that I look like a preteen when I am actually an adult.

Am I dressing wrong?
Am I not wearing enough makeup?
Or is it because of my bows?

In the past few years, I haven't worn bows in my hair due to that exact doubt. I wondered if the bows were causing people to think I'm much younger than my age. I couldn't fathom that my baby face and height, which are beyond my control, could have anything to do with it. I thought that this must be something that can be fixed. I was determined to look my age.

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When I took a deeper interest in fashion, it was mainly caused by this disdain for being called a 13 year old. I was tired of getting carded at clubs or the movies. I needed to assert myself as an adult. I started wearing heels (4"+) on a regular basis and bold lipsticks to give myself a more mature look. I bought a few blazers, hoping it would give me a professional air.

Despite my attempts, I continued to get carded and told that I look 16. While that may be better than 13, it remains significantly younger than my current age. Was I doomed to appear this way until I hit 30 and it became okay? Would I never look my own age?

With these thoughts, I started to ponder about the important things in life. Does it really matter what people think of me? Should I really sacrifice personal style to appear more mature? Is giving up bows really the solution to all my problems?

After much thought, I began wearing bows again.


Because bows are me. I love bows and nobody is going to stop me from wearing them simply because they make me look younger. Perhaps I should appreciate it. Maybe Gd made me petite in hopes I would embrace the cute factor that would always be my dominant characteristic. It's time to stop fighting it.

Bows and flared skirts here I come!
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