Thursday, August 14, 2014

End of Season! End of Season!

The end of season deserves two exclamation points for a number of reasons. Though the end of summer may seem like a very depressing time as stores begin to stock up on their fall collections and magazines start advertising fur coats and leather boots, we can't help but feel that spurt of excitement at the thought of a new season commencing. A new season always feels like a page is being turned. We get to experiment with new fashion trends we may have never tried before and dig into our creative souls for inspiration on who we want to be this year. Fashion is all about self-expression and as a Canadian, you have the privilege of wearing every type of clothing possible due to the disparity in weather conditions upon each season. What is the correlation, you ask? With all of these diverse temperatures, the world of fashion is open to you and the explorative options are endless. While living in the heat may be wonderful and pleasant, you'll never know what it's like to slip on a luxurious fur a la Rachel Zoe and feel that warmth as you step outside in -30 degree weather. In Canada, anything is possible and therefore, your self-development can go a long way. Now, allow me to get to the point.

Let's talk about 8 reasons the end of season is the best time of year.

Sales, Sales, Sales
Though this may seem obvious, it is crucial to this list. We can detach ourselves from those sad emotions arising at the thought of winter by heading to the stores and getting all our favourite summer pieces on sale to store for next year. It may sound like unhealthy depression shopping, but who's counting.

New Collections
This is the perfect time to get a taste of what's to come. With all the stores giving us a sneak peak, it's the perfect opportunity to plan that new wardrobe.

Fashion Week
The absolute BEST part about the end of season is that it is usually followed by Fashion Week. Though the thought of winter may be depressing, Spring Fashion Week in September reminds us that the warmth is still within our reach.

Wardrobe Surprises!
Allow me to elaborate. Remember last season when you
 bought those leather lace up booties and couldn't wear them because the weather wasn't quite there yet. You can now take them out of that hiding place and slip them onto your feet because Fall is here!

New Beginnings
New clothes generally signal new beginnings. Though one chapter is ending, another is beginning. It's time to start dreaming again.

Transitional Clothing
Nobody will judge you at this time of year for wearing boots with shorts. Take full advantage while you can.

Another Excuse To Shop
For those of you who shop scarcely throughout the year, this is your time. You may not shop often, but end of season is deal time and that money you've been saving is about to get its due.

Time To Discard
This is the perfect time of year to refresh that wardrobe but getting rid of items you no longer wear to make room for the new. And there's nothing more refreshing than cleansing.

It's time to look at the positive. Stop thinking it's the end and start looking at it as a new beginning.



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