Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Five Shoes You Meet In Heaven

If you are anything like me, you'll know that heaven is basically a giant shoe store with every possible style you can image from Chanel to Jimmy Choo. It's a place where currency doesn't exist and shoes are simply delivered to your door by Coco herself (if you're lucky). The best part is that storage is unnecessary because nobody owns anything in heaven! You can simply wear them at your own leisure for your own pleasure. As you travel along your journey, you will encounter five pairs of shoes that will mark your experience. Allow me to take your hand and assist you as you stumble along the clouds in 6 inch stilettos.

The First Shoe You Meet In Heaven
Balenciaga Peep Toe Booties
As you step through the clouds, this Balenciaga shoes peers through, camouflaged by its white colour. The pyramid heel catches your eye as Balenciaga himself hands it over to you to slip onto your manicured feet. You shake his hand to thank him and he leaves you with these words of wisdom.
"You don't have to be perfect to wear this shoe. This shoe will bring you perfection"
via www.upscalehype.com
As Cristobal Balenciaga disappears into the clouds, we hop towards our next destination: Christian Louboutin.

The Second Shoe You Meet In Heaven
Louboutin Studded Heels
As you get a little closer, you spot that iconic red sole and your eyes spread wide in excitement. "Welcome to heaven", you are told by Louboutin himself. Though he can't stay long, he places the shoes on your feet and reminds you that the shoes may not look comfortable, but pain doesn't exist in heaven so you can wear these at your leisure. You heart leaps as you skip on over to your next destination.
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The Third Shoe You Meet In Heaven
Alexander McQueen Sculpted and Resin Leather Sandals
You should've known you'd meet McQueen in heaven. Your life finally has meaning. McQueen steps towards you as you heart skips a beat and hands you the shoes you've been coveting since 2011. You know you're in heaven because these shoes can only exist on your feet in this beautiful place. You thank McQueen graciously and slip away to your next pair.
via www.net-a-porter.com
The Fourth Shoe You Meet In Heaven
Sophia Webster Candy Shoes
As Sophia Webster inches towards you, your eyes light up. You catch a glimpse of the candy heels and your stomach yearns for them. This is the first colourful pair of shoes in heaven that you're offered and you're eager to put them on. As you slip them on your feet, you can almost feel the endorphins accumulating inside of you. This is what real bliss feels like.
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The Fifth Shoe You Meet In Heaven
Chanel Black and White Block Heels
As you spot Coco Chanel sitting on those legendary steps with a black box, you know what awaits you. This is your final stop in shoe heaven, but that's okay because all you really need is Chanel. As you step towards her, she smiles and hands you the box. You open it and slip on these black and white pumps. Everything lights up around you as you slip away in the clouds.
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Everything described in this post is a figment of my imagination.



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