Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Yes, it's real.

The symptoms?

- Pre-purchase anxiety
- Fear of identity theft.
- Compulsion anxiety
- Fear of shopping addiction
- Fear of debt

Essentially, it involves a lot of fear and anxiety caused by irrational worries that plague the mind upon the mere glance at Asos and Nasty Gal. Minds such as mine are prone to the disease because of natural anxiety issues and paranoia. Therefore, despite my obsession with shopping, I cannot bring myself to press that final button.

via recommender.strands.com
Am I missing out on amazing options offered by online retailers?
Am I depriving myself of the endless world of possibilities that is the internet?
Am I limiting my own creative flow?
Am I justified in my worries?
Is online shopping dangerous?

For many reasons, it can be perceived as a danger. For one, it encourages more shopping at times when one cannot physically be inside a shop and thus, one can make purchases at every time of day (which results in many more purchases). Late nights on the computer with nothing but your own temptation. The thought of debt slowly slips away into the back of your mind. The options are endless and somehow, it's almost impossible to know when one should stop.

HOWEVER, are we missing out on the full shopping experience? Is walking into a store and touching the fabric what it's all about? Is a big part of the fun trying on the clothing and creating styles with your imagination and spotting your coup de coeur?

Is online shopping the end of store shopping as we know it?

If you're me, then let's hope not. As much as I love technology, I'm not quite over my onlineshoppingophobia yet. And maybe it's for the best. Who knows? Call me in five years.



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