Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Kind of Dresser Are You?

My computer's history would indicate that I rely very much on quizzes to define myself. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. Sometimes we need a good ol' quiz to tell us if we're better off marrying Johnny Depp or Pharrell Williams. Or whether we're a peanut butter sandwich or tuna. Or whether we're most likely to live in Paris or London. It's crucial to our self-understanding. THEREFORE, I have decided to concoct another "who am I" quiz that will hopefully bring you closer to your destination on your road to self-discovery. Get ready to find out whether you're a fashion rebel, a trend addict, a clown, or a style muffin.

1. Your best friend shows up at school in UGGs. You've always hated UGGs, but you really need a new pair of boots. You...
a) Run to your nearest UGG store and buy the same ones.
b) Buy Sorels. With multi-coloured laces.
c) Settle for your sneakers and hope for the best. You're poor.
d) Wear high heels because you'd never wear those hideous things.

2. Spotted: Cameron Diaz wearing leggings as pants.
a) Sigh with relief. I knew that was a thing.
b) Wear them as a top. Never tried that one, did you?
c) Top her by wearing sweatpants. In public.
d) Cringe. Why Camy why?

3. Finish this sentence. Raincoats are for...
a) Losers.
b) Dancing in the rain.
c) Practical purposes.
d) You mean trench coats, right?

4. Every woman must have X in her wardrobe.
b) X = A florescent jumpsuit
c) X = Denim
d) X = A pair of impractical shoes

5. Cara Delevingne is...
a) Soooooo coooooollllllll.
b) My best friend.
c) Who?
d) The top british model in the world and Karl Lagerfeld's dream daughter.

MOSTLY A's: You Are A Trend Addict
You live off magazines with the latest trend reports because they decide your wardrobe. After each season, it's time for a cleanse. You invite your friends over to get rid of those uglies in exchange for the hottest new Hermes. You've been called a shopaholic, but no matter. You're always the trendiest girl in the room. Everyone wants what you have. You can spot trends better than you pick your men. It's a skill.

MOSTLY B's: You Are A Clown
You love to fool around and make silly faces a la Cara. Your favourite outfits usually consist of a one piece with a loud print. You make a statement every time you walk into a room and you can't help being the entertainment at every party. You're a street style photographer's dream and it's only because they can tell that it all comes naturally to you. You enjoy changing your hair on a monthly basis and exploring looks that nobody would dare try purely for the thrill.

MOSTLY C's: You Are A Fashion Rebel
You're not the biggest fashionista in the bunch, but you know who you are. You've already established what you like and don't like, so you know how to shop in the most practical way. You hate people who follow trends because you perceive them as poseurs. You believe that identity showcases itself through what you wear, so lying is almost sinful. You stay true to yourself at all times even if others disagree with you. You like to break the mould, while remaining practical on some levels.

MOSTLY D's: You Are A Style Muffin
You adore fashion and thrive in front of a camera. You will defy practicality and comfort #forthesakeoffashion because you can't resist. Fashion is your weakness, your drug, your chocolate cake. You're that girl layering to no end at Spring fashion week in New York in the dead of winter. You wear high heels no matter what the occasion just because you know it looks better with everything. You'll explore a trend here and there, but you prefer to remain spontaneous in your outfit choices. Creativity is your mantra.

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