Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Overdressed Vs. Underdressed: Who Will Prevail?

The overdressed and underdressed battle is one that never seems to draw a satisfying conclusion. Some would say that being overdressed is better because we'd all rather raise eyebrows for looking better than everyone else than looking worse, right? Unfortunately, some still disagree, saying that being overdressed draws unwanted attention and that if you're underdressed, you'll look like you didn't try to hard. In other words, you were born this cool.

When faced with this kind of dilemma, what do you do?

A pro/con list, of course!

So here it is. The official pro/con list for being overdressed vs. underdressed. After you've gotten all the facts, you'll be ready to make a sound decision.


- All eyes will be on you because you'll probably be the hottest person in sight. What's so bad about that?
- You will radiate confidence. If you own your look, you'll find your friends wishing they could pull it off and that's always a great place to be.
- You'll look expensive. Being overdressed always makes it seem like you've got a high class wardrobe. You just slipped this on because that's what casual means to you, right?

- People might think you tried too hard. Highly frowned upon.
- You may be perceived as a someone with a superiority complex.
- You can be seen as a diva. Not always positive connotations.


- You'll look like you "woke up like this". In fashion speak, that's a good thing. Looking this good just comes easily to you.
- You will have mastered the biggest trend of the season: Normcore.
- You will inevitably look cool because effortless is synonymous with cool in the fashion world. Duh.

- You may look like you didn't really put any thought at all into your outfit.
- You can be perceived as lazy (or like you didn't have anything better to wear).
- You can appear as though you have no nicer clothes...

Now, roll the dice and make your decision. If these lists only confuse you further, just ignore what others might think and consider your own personal style. What do you FEEL like wearing? Or, if you're still concerned, go casual chic with an outfit that combines the fancy with the every day. Embrace your creativity and all eyes may be on you for the right reasons.



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