Monday, July 7, 2014

Uncommon Ways To Wear Your Denim

It's common knowledge that denim is a wardrobe staple. Unfortunately, that phrase has us all confused due to the large amount of denim styles that permeate the runways every season. Denim can refer to overalls if you're talking about the latest 90s trend to resurface. Denim could also mean classic blue jeans, but even that definition is foggy because we're not quite sure whether that means bootcut, skinny, or wide leg. What if denim is referring to a jean jacket? Would it be white washed, acid wash, or dark blue? What about coloured denim and ripped denim? What about the festival cutoffs? WHAT IS DENIM ANYWAY????????

Once upon a time, denim was a very simple term. We like to call those days "the days of the mom jeans" (which have mysteriously made a comeback). Today, denim is so diverse that our entire wardrobes can be comprised of denim. Isn't that wonderful?

Personally, I'm a big fan of denim. I can experiment for days. This season, denim has taken on new shapes and forms. Here are some of the ways to wear denim that make us all ask ourselves: should I or shouldn't I?

It looks like your average 3 year old's art project, but it kind of looks super cool on Joan Smalls. Am I as sexy as Joan Smalls? Can I pull off patchwork without looking like a homeless man? Ponder that...

They are just so darn CUTE on my little sister, but will I look like a child wearing them? Should this trend have stayed in the 90s? Will it turn me into a hipster? AM I a hipster?

Does this look like I did this at home? Is that a good thing? Did I accidentally mix them with other colours in the wash? Will people think I did?

Will I look homeless? Will I look like the clumsiest person to hit this earth? Will people know I'm a badass and did this on purpose? Will I look like I have rage issues?

Do these make my ass look big? Do I look like I'm floating in momma's jeans? Should these have stayed in the 90s as well? Are they the most unflattering things I've ever seen? WHY AM I WEARING THEM?

I dare you to try one of these denim trends. Buy them at a cheap price if they scare you. If you feel like a model and wear them with confidence, you may actually stop the questions racing through your head and feel good in them. 

Happy Monday!


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