Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Getting Carded At The Movies And How To Avoid It

This is based on a true story. About me. I kid not.

Yes, I am 5" tall. But does that mean I deserve to get carded at a 16+ movie? NO. I haven't been 16 in 6 years. Clearly, the girl at the ticket booth was bored and amused by my below average height.

Should I feel embarrassed? Probably not. She's the one working at the movies on a Saturday night. However, it still grinds my gears how people still think i'm 16. And that's on a good day.

So, I'm left with the question: how do I avoid this mishap?

Do I wear higher heels?
Do I wear bolder lipstick?
Do I expose a little more cleavage a little more frequently?

I've tried them ALL and none of them seem to work.

Now, I know you think I'm about to come up with some genius solution and I apologize if that's why you're here. If I had a solution, this wouldn't be happening to me. However, I can offer some suggestions.

Here are some styling ideas that'll make you look more mature without appearing as though you're trying too hard.

A Blazer
A blazer is a classic piece that can be dressed down with your favourite pair of boyfriend jeans. Keep it casual with simple cut in an interesting colour.
via Man Repeller
A Dress Shirt
Yes, you can wear a button down shirt casually. Instead of your classic tee, a button down gives off a professional look that will add some maturity to your outfit.
via Pinterest
ALWAYS wear a heel. High, low, stiletto, wedge. Heels add sophistication to every look.
via whowhatwear.com
Pencil Skirts
These can be worn casually too. Don't mistaken the pencil skirt for something your 10th grade teacher wore every day. A pencil skirt can have some flavour and allow you to be playful in other ways.
via haerpersbazaar.com
A Classy Handbag
Works. Every. Time.
via harpersbazaar.com
Hope this has helped you gain insight on mature dressing. Cheers to not getting carded!


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