Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Bun Stigma

Once upon a time, buns were the only way to tie up a woman's hair. It was a symbol of status, wealth, and high class. As women began to allow their hair to tumble, a bun become that hairdo you save for special occasions. Today, a bun takes on many shapes and forms. Unfortunately, it has taken on new meaning filled with negative connotations.

Is she just that lazy?
Did she have no time to blow dry?
Did she just wake up?
Has she just returned from the gym?

And then there are those who view the bun in a positive light.

Did she wake up looking that cool?
Is she a model off duty?

And then the serious questions come up.

Can I pull that off?
Would I look that cool in a bun?
Is my bun sloppy?

In case you were wondering, my buns always look sloppy. We're going to try NOT to misinterpret that statement. Some girls look super chic in a bun, while others fall short.

No matter how hard I try, my hair is just to darn slippery to hold it up in an elegant way. Despite the creation of hair donuts (that's what they're called. I kid not), I can't wear them because my hair is too thin to support them. I love a schrunchie as much as the next 90s girl, but even that isn't going to cut it for my next job interview. And who really has time to style their hair ALL THE TIME?

Is it possible that only girls with fluffy voluminous locks can wear the bun?
Are people like me doomed to remain #classynotclassy forever in a personally styled updo?
Should I just give up?

What do YOU think of the bun?
Do you fall under the YES category or the NO WAY IN HELL category?

Check out some of these street style buns and let me know what you think!


Happy Thursday!


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