Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#ForTheSakeOfFashion Part III: Cutouts

Fine. Admittedly, cutouts can have a purpose.

1) Getting a summer breeze in odd places.
2) Sexiness (that counts as a purpose)
3) Scratching unreachable locations

via thefashionisstyle.com
However, they can still fall under items worn #forthesakeoffashion because none of these purposes are practical or real. Yes, fashion can be practical (as Coco Chanel once demonstrated), but as a general rule, we like it best when it isn't. If people only dressed themselves based on practicality, originality would cease to exist. Nobody would be surprised by what you're wearing and frankly, who doesn't love surprises? The celebrities and common folk who attract the lenses of street style photographers are the ones who wear something unexpected. Boots with a dress. A sweater tied around their waist. A fur the size of a house. Those are the ones that catch our eye and that's what #forthesakeoffashion is all about.

Today is actually about cutouts. Cutouts have resurfaced in the strangest of places. I'm not talking about lace or crochet, but those unexpected cutouts that add intrigue to the outfit. A cutout suggests danger. It suggests you may have ripped your dress and improvised with a needle and thread to put it back together. It suggests imperfection.

Designers and photographers adore imperfection. It's about that gap tooth, the doe eyes, the bushy brows. It's about asymmetry. Imbalance. Perfection doesn't exist anywhere other than our boring imaginations. If we dig a little deeper, we find ourselves drawn to the weird a la Marc Jacobs.

So, let out your inner Marc Jacobs and take a look at some inspiring cutout pieces.




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