Monday, July 14, 2014

Couture, Couture, Couture

When I go to bed at night, I don't see stars. I see couture. I know that sounds like a fashion girl's exaggeration, but I promise it's true. I fantasize about those beautiful gowns in fabrics nobody has ever seen all the time. I dream of Elie Saab lace, Giambattista Valli's architectural cuts, and that classic Chanel tweed with a Karl Lagerfeld twist. This season was no different. In case you missed it, here is the lowdown on five of my favourite shows from last week's couture extravaganza.

If only I were a wealthy celebrity walking down the Red Carpet every other day. Zuhair Murad brings back his classic evening gowns with even more glitter and sparkle than ever before. Despite his use of neutral colours, the embroidery and sheer panelling add intrigue to each look. This collection will inspire the dramatic diva with a glamorous edge who loves to stand out in a crowd. Halfway through the show, a panoply of colours mades their way down the runway, like a glowing rainbow of couture. Mesmerized? Me too. The wedding gown finale was nothing short of exceptional with a 5 meter long veil for extra dramatic flair.

Favourite Look: 1
Sexy, sparkling, and with a deep V that'll drop every jaw, this look was pure perfection.

Full skirts, pretty pastels, floral prints. That basically sums up Dior Couture. Nostalgic of the days when the real Christian Dior was making gowns for our favourite retro Hollywood starlets, this collection was a vision of elegance and poise reminiscent of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Raf Simons incorporated sophisticated floor-length coats (only meant for the classiest of women) with classic pants in bold colours and pretty minis for the young at heart. Nothing says chic quite like Dior, the brand that will stand the test of time.

Favourite Look: 4
Personally? I'm a sucker for a full feminine skirt and pointy-toe pumps. It also happens to be a popular look this season. Nothing like the original image of femininity to take us back to our roots.

Who doesn't love an Elie Saab gown? Always present on the Red Carpet, these dresses only show how much Elie Saab knows about what women really want. It's all about lace, lace, lace. Though his collections often seem to blend into one another and verge on safe, they somehow still dazzle the eyes of every onlooker. Pretty gowns with classy fur throws in intricate fabrics that are almost indescribable adorned the couture runway. It was a like a fantasy come alive (as usual) and I wouldn't be surprised if one of these gowns made an appearance in the near future. Keep those eyes peeled.

Favourite Look: 22
Nothing says glamour quite like gold. This Elie Saab gown is living proof.

Couture Week always brings out the most feminine side of all of us. With floral appliqués, sheer skirts, and 60's bandanas, Giambattista Valli is no different. I sense that those bandanas may become the accessory of the moment on the Red Carpet and I can't wait. Of course, the feathers and fur remind us that it's still a FALL collection, but the flowers say that spring is never far away. A grand finale of feathered frocks with structured tops in bright colours added pizzazz to this already marvellous show.

Favourite Look: 17
Everything about this look is beautiful from the full skirt to the floral appliqués at the bust to the bandana.

Armani Prive was my ultimate favourite this season due to the elegance and class that characterized each look. Unlike most of the couture collections, Armani Prive featured more dark and mystical colours than pastels. With classic black and white ensembles, the look was very modern and sophisticated, displaying femininity in a very different way. Red was the dominant colour of choice and capes, the accessory of the moment. All of the coats in the collection were divine. From bell sleeves, to luxurious furs to tulle pieces, the coats were definitely eye-catching. If the outerwear wasn't mind blowing enough, Armani added some head Gatsby-like head coverings we'll all be lusting soon enough. At times, it felt a little like my 10th grade science fair project being manipulated by a master. Somehow, Armani made it work and transformed it into a beautiful couture collection.

Favourite Look: 3
I have a soft spot for capes in general, but this one is on my wish list.

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In case you missed it, all the shows are available on YouTube.

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