Thursday, July 31, 2014

Books Vs. Lingerie: Which Camp Do You Fall Under?

via Montreal Gazette
BIG NEWS: Victoria's Secret is coming to Montreal. For real this time.

All Montrealers (men and women included) can squeal with excitement now. You can now look like Doutzen or Candice ALL THE TIME (more or less).

Gone are the nights spent ordering online and paying the excessive shipping fee. Gone is the eagerness to head over to the states (or Laval) once a year for that VS bikini. This is going to be huge. In fact, its going to be the second largest VS store in the world.

Where will it be opening, do you ask?

Smack in the crux of St. Catherine street corner Peel as Chapters tumbles down in shame.

As an avid book lover, my first reaction was utter shock. Why oh why would you replace Chapters? I need both! Aren't there other shittier stores that can come down? Where has our love of books gone?

Many other book lovers reacted in much the same way, scorning VS for its decision.

Aren't books more important than lingerie?
What happened to intellect over beauty?

And then I realized: there's an Indigo several blocks down and it will be expanding. Book lovers everywhere, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Canada has allowed (encourages) us all to read books in our sexy new underwear. SCORE.

For a book lover like myself, this is incredible news. For La Senza down the street, not so much. No matter.

Chapters will close shop on Oct. 4th, so stock up on those books.

Will you be shopping at VS upon its opening? Or better yet: will one of the Angels be at the opening? I'm banking on Ambrosio.

Laval Opening (2012)
via Montreal Gazette
Catch you later!


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