Thursday, January 15, 2015

Will We Ever Learn To Embrace Our Curls?

Yesterday, I decided that for the first time in 6 months, I would let my natural curls run free. For anyone else with a naturally curly fro, you can understand that this is a major risk that I chose to take. When it comes to curls, they can either come out unruly or sexy and bouncy. It really is a gamble. When I look at women like DVF, Lorde, and Sarah Jessica Parker, I admire their ability to wear their curls with pride. I only wish I could pull it off with the same amount of class and sophistication.

Here begs the question: why are we still ashamed of our curls?

No matter how many times this look appears on the runway, it never quite makes its way onto the streets. Hair stylists may praise it and designers might embrace it, but the women who endure it every single day cannot comes to terms with it. We buy our heat protecting creams, our irons, and our blow dryers and spend countless hours searching for youtube tutorials that can teach us how to tame our locks. The stigma on curly hair continues to exist today and I can hardly understand why. Though I have fallen for social pressures to sport a blow-dried look, I'm constantly tempted to leave my hair to take on its natural form. However, since I have become accustomed to my smooth straight hair, I can't seem to take the leap into natural territory.

Why are we all so scared to look natural?
In a society where feminism is once again on the rise, can't we put down those tools and embrace our real selves?
When will curly hair become the coveted look?

When Prada had her models wear their hair wet on the runway and Karl Lagerfeld had them in bold curls, everyone gasped in awe and the natural look was getting promoted in all our favourite magazines. Unfortunately, they remained in the magazines.

When I walk across the street I continue to see women with blow outs and wonder what they would look like if they left their hair natural. Is it as wild as mine? What if we took a break every once in a while and let it, dare I say, AIRDRY?

I challenge you to go natural for a few days and see how you feel. Let your hair breathe and take on its original form. You may be surprised at your reaction.

Ponder it,



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