Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Are Thigh High Boots Stripper Boots Or Totally Chic?

This is a question that has been plaguing my thoughts for the last three months as I noticed them emerge onto the fashion scene.

How do I feel about thigh high boots? Get ready for my own personal semi-relevant lo-down.

As a girl of petite proportions, I have been led (read: tricked) into believing that there are a number of trends I could never pull off. For one thing, midi skirts are NOT an option. Oversized clothing is reserved for oversized people and baggy pants should never even enter my lexicon. Over-the-knee boots have somehow fallen into that same category, leading me to question these limitations placed on people of my stature.

Is height our self-defining quality?
Are we not allowed to experiment out of fear it'll shrink us even further to the public eye?

All my life, I have been concerned about appearing even smaller than I already do. I've gone through certain lengths to ensure that I looked taller and the password to entry into the fashion industry, PROPORTIONATE.

What happens when you decide to take a risk? And what if you do it right? Dare I suggest that this is possible?

After noticing a number of short women I respect for their impeccable style including Miroslava Duma, The Olsen Twins, and Nicole Richie, in clothing I never thought possible for women of their height, I started to question everything I grew to understand.

Known for their oversized knitwear, the Olsens are defiant to established fashion rules for petite women and some may disagree with their fashion choices, but their success is undeniable.

Nicole Richie wears that maxi dress like a badge and though she references her height restrictions on her show, Candidly Nicole, fashion does not seem to be one of them.

As for Mira Duma, she has been spotted in longer hemlines, oversized coats, and OVER-THE-KNEE boots. PS. I love her.

So, how can they possibly be hooker boots when they look gorgeous on one of the top muses of the industry?

Your answer? No, they are NOT hooker boots by any means. When worn with a chic coat or classy dress, they transform into the most stylish pair of shoes in your closet. Are you running to the stores yet?

Thought so.



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