Monday, January 26, 2015

SAG AWARDS 2015: The What Were They Thinking Edition

As you may or may not know, the SAG awards were on last night. It's one of those events that slips our minds immediately after the Golden Globes, but that still matters a little to the television folk of Hollywood. Apparently, nobody made an effort this year for this event (and with reason) because frankly, who watches it? In fact, some people showed up in the most unflattering garb you can envision, lowering our expectations for the Oscars so that everything will look breathtaking in comparison. Though celebrities like Emma Stone and Lupita N'Yongo still hit the mark, most had me flabbergasted at their choices and wondering if their stylist is on vacation. In honour of this event, I have decided to make a worst-dressed list featuring 10 looks from yesterday evening. Take a look and judge away.

Laura Carmichael in Vionnet
White on a blond gal like Laura Carmichael is usually a major hit, but in this case, it completely missed. The combination of this unflattering halter top and that undefinable waistline makes it difficult to fathom how she made this choice. And let's not even talk about that sheer skirt with the print I can pinpoint. Though I love my Lady Edith, I don't think she thought this one through.
Amanda Peet in J. Mendel
This is particularly painful for me because I'm a huge fan of J. Mendel and that colour is stunning. Now, let's get to the bad part. There's something about that diamond shaped piece of fabric in the middle of her dress that's unsettling. I would also remove those black bands that seem to have no place on this lovely lilac gown. Amanda, you almost made it, but no cigar.
Keira Knightley in Erdem
I know it's tough to find a dress that fits when you're pregnant. I also know that this look doesn't work. I only wish she would have taken pointers from Kerry Washington who killed it on the Red Carpet throughout her pregnancy. Other than the colour, I can't wrap my head around this "frock" because let's face it, that's the best word to describe it. Better luck next time, Keira.
Laverne Cox in Johanna Johnson
Honestly, somebody had to inform this woman that satin is a major no-no on the Red Carpet. This looked like it belonged in a prom catalogue for hideous dresses you can't imagine anyone actually buying. From the strange neckline to the droopy fabric that never ends, this dress needs some serious work to be a real Red Carpet contender.
Jennifer Aniston in John Galliano
I'm sorry, Jen, but this deep V J. Lo thing isn't doing you justice. Usually, I can live with your choices because they're fairly safe and clean cut to match your meh hair, but this just looks like snakeskin, and not in a sexy way. Let's not forget to mention the cleavage jewellery. I'm not quite sure what she was thinking with that.
Julia Roberts in Givenchy
Two women showed up at the SAG Awards in menswear inspired looks. Emma Stone rocked a Dior and Julia Roberts, Givenchy. However, since Emma Stone looked beyond stunning with a sheer skirt and tuxedo dress, she completely upstaged Julia and practically pushed her onto this list. Though this jumpsuit had a nice neckline, I have very little else to say about it. I expected better things from you, Julia.
Claire Danes in Marc Jacobs
First of all, I'm not too crazy about this khaki colour on Claire. Second of all, that belt. Third of all, that belt. Why would you belt it, Claire, why?
Sarah Hyland in Vera Wang
I love Vera Wang and Sarah Hyland, but that organza overlay on her dress is really bugging me. The top wouldn't be half bad with a different skirt since the beading is quite pretty, but unfortunately, it's only a fifth of her dress.
Rosamund Pike in Dior
Though this dress looks ridiculously comfortable, that is not what awards season is for. There is a whole lot of unnecessary fabric on this dress drowning Rosamund's figure and I can't figure out how I feel about it. At least it triggers a reaction, but perhaps one closer to a cringe.
Mayim Bialik in Christian Siriano
Oh dear. I really like Mayim Bialik, but the giant mermaid skirt is slightly overwhelming. The concept of the Little Black Dress has completely evaporated under the fabrics of this look and I only wish I had a pair of scissors handy.
What do you think of this list? Who is your worst dressed?

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