Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Whimsical Flats Could Change Your Perspective On This "Unflattering" Shoe

While watching reruns of Sex and the City, all you see is Carrie Bradshaw skipping across the streets of New York in Manolos looking glamorous. You keep yourself up-to-date on street style at Fashion Week and you're overwhelmed by the number of Adidas sneakers and sky high wedges you only dream of adding to your closet. You go wild for the array of shoes at Red Carpet events.

But where do flats fit in?

The answer? Nowhere.

Fine, I'm exaggerating slightly. Some women live in their flats. However, nobody aspires to flats.

Let me explain.

When you ogle at a pair of high heels in a shop window, you start to salivate as you envision how they would look with your brand new LBD. When winter hits, you explore the option of stiletto boots and mourn the day a snowstorm invades your city, preventing you from wearing your favourite over-the-knee leather pair. Come summer, you cannot resist those lace-up high heeled sandals that everyone is raving about in your inner circle. But, how do ballet flats make you feel?

For one thing, they are the practical shoe. They are the shoes you have to wear to give your feet a break from that unnatural arch. You don't dream of flats. You don't fantasize about wearing them on a first date with that guy who delivers your pizza. You merely contemplate them for a moment because they might just allow you to spend a day racing around the mall to catch up on your shoe shopping. And in the world of fashion, who dreams of practicality? In fact, the word is almost taboo (unless you're Alexa Chung). We strive for originality and wearing things #forthesakeoffashion not #forthesakeofbeingpractical. People criticize fashion people for their propensity to wear a light leather jacket in the winter or layer to no avail rather than purchasing a warm parka. It is what this world is known for.

Until now.

Allow me to introduce: The Whimsical Flat.

Charlotte Olympia has transformed my vision of this once dreary pair of shoes by presenting one that has more personality than the average. By adding whimsy to her shoes with a cat face, I've begun to wrap my head around flats in a way I never thought possible.

Could this be a game changer? Can I actually be fantasizing about cat flats?

Let me ponder it,



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