Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Justin Bieber Has Been Hiding In His Calvin Klein Underwear

Though Justin Bieber was still a big name this past year, it cannot be denied that his reputation has dwindled. Whether it was the series of suspicious behaviours or the number of Bieber haters across the globe that made him run into his rabbit hole remains to be discovered, but at least Calvin Klein still likes him.

That's right. Bieber has just been selected to pose in the new Calvin Klein underwear ad campaign featuring top model, Lara Stone (11 years his senior). It looks like reputation isn't everything after all. Though he has disappeared off the surface of the pop world he once semi-reigned, he has made a comeback that suggests an edgier image and we might be liking it (only a little).

He may have been the Aaron Carter/Jesse McCartney replica of the 21st century, but he has chosen to set himself apart from these other two teen heartthrobs by following the current celebrity trend of posing for fashion ads in hopes of projecting a more multi-faceted personality.

What happened to the innocent "Baby" Bieber of yesteryear? Did he even exist? This one is posing against a topless Lara Stone while exposing his bare tattooed chest. Is he yearning to become the next Miley Cyrus by throwing away his sweet image in exchange for something a little more spicy? What will he do next? Is fashion in Bieber's future or is this merely his attempt to bend it like Beckham?

We can't predict the future, but I'm guessing Bieber is about to resurface in 2015 as a new and improved man striving towards Adam Levine level sex appeal. Will he succeed at attracting women above the age of 13? I'm thinking that's his goal.

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