Thursday, January 22, 2015

What Your Do Says About You

In the New Year, many of us are searching for change. The easiest one just happens to be in our appearance. There is nothing more gratifying than declaring that an external change will motivate us to make a more concrete internal change. That is why for many years, women have been cutting or altering their hair to indicate that they are entering a new life stage. In honour of 2015, here is an indicator of what your hairdo can say about you, because frankly, it says a lot. Perhaps when making your decision, you can refer to this list for guidance.

Whether ombre ends or a bold new colour like green a la Kylie Jenner or lilac a la Nicole Richie, integrating an unusual hair colour to your natural locks is a popular choice for the bold amongst us. A woman who colours her hair is not afraid to take a concrete risk and try something new. Come hither future because you are ready for a big change. Nobody can stop you from chasing your dreams this year and your hair is there to show it. If you're ready for this big step, it's time to take out the tie dye.

The girl who lets her hair run free and take on its natural waves is ready to settle down and get her life together. This may seem like a boring look to the average person, but to this woman, it's a sign that structure awaits and it symbolizes the beginning of an effortless lifestyle. If you have been wearing your hair short all your life, long hair signals that you've decided to let go of all the bad and go with the flow. It's time to take it easy and maintain a positive attitude Blake Lively style.

It's time to take that step you've been afraid of all your life and leap into the land of pixie cuts. This woman is tired of the norm and societal expectations, and ready to take her life into her own hands. It's the symbolic haircut of a powerful woman who runs her own life and makes her own rules. You may have been swayed by convention in the past, but this is your shining moment and the perfect time to set yourself apart. You're prepared to take a risk and dive into new territory. You're bold, strong, and someone to be admired. Change, here you come.

It might not be time for a major change just yet, but you're on the road to redefining yourself. Seeking a more mature look, this woman opts for the shoulder length cut to project a more serious vibe to others. You're ready to take control and get rid of those long locks you've gotten used to. Who needs them? It's time for a hairstyle that will place you along the ranks of fashionistas like Miroslava Duma and Carine Roitfeld. You're a woman on a mission and your hair is there to prove it.

You live for trends, which is why you're ready to try a bob this season. Everyone from Sienna Miller to Reese Witherspoon is exploring this look this year and it's time for you to join that club of divas. There's nothing more in vogue than asymmetry and you cannot resist this cool new do. Though you are used to taking hair risks, this look says that you're prepared for change at a moment's notice. You're always up for an adventure and a challenge. After all, hair grows back, right?

Ready for a big change? Next time you get a haircut, take a look at some of these great looks. Choose wisely, but be prepared for something bold. 

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