Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Can A Season Really Be Defined By A Colour?

As a self-designated "fashion girl", I am often asked: what is the colour of the season?

And to that I answer: what?

To think for a moment that a season can be defined by a singular colour is preposterous. There is nothing more absurd than choosing one colour and declaring it the one to wear for the next 3-4 months.

Apparently, Spring 2015 is all about the pastel pink. As much as I love pastel pink (as a self-designated girly girl), I cannot imagine wearing this colour all season long.

Yes, I know that there are prints as well. Florals have obviously not gone out of style and stripes are resurfacing faster than you can sing Seven Nation Army. However, they are all appearing on the racks in a light shade of pink reminiscent of my cousin's baby shower.

How is this still a phenomenon? When will the world understand that fashion is about breaking down the boundaries? Yes, I like to wear black in the summer and pastel pink in the winter. Is there anything wrong with that? Theoretically, there isn't. In practice, you may get some uninviting stares by the average passerby.

The strange thing about fashion is that we like to pick a colour to help others choose their next wardrobe, but we also like to encourage originality. There is nothing more chic than someone who looks confident in an outfit a magazine didn't even tell them to wear. We like to label them as trendsetters. In fact, one might say that selecting a single colour is only meant to facilitate shopping for those who don't actually like to shop.

For women who strive for a unique look that truly represents their personality, what is a colour? It's a change of mood. It's an experiment. It's an endless abyss of choice. It should not be a repressive tool.

So next time somebody asks you what the colour of the year is, you should ask them what they think it should be and take it from there. Let's choose our own colours and refrain from following the mold, shall we?



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