Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How Do You Feel About Coloured Fur?

From Fendi to Gucci, designers have been embracing the fur trend for years. Recently, it has evolved from classic beige and black to bolder hues like green and purple. For many years, fur was taboo in the fashion world due to outcries from PETA. Recently, new animal rights restrictions have allowed designers to reintegrate fur in their collections while avoiding animal cruelty by abiding by certain rules. In light of this development, they have taken this opportunity to experiment with fur, notably Karl Lagerfeld and Giles Mendel, two men who are known for the use of extravagant coloured furs in their collections.

Here's a question for you:
If a fur has been dyed and no longer resembles the animal, does this alter how we feel about it?

As someone who loves luxurious furs on the runway, I still can't wrap my head around wearing the real thing. Though I respect these designers, I remain an advocate for faux fur because I can't fathom myself wearing an animal over my shoulders.

But, what if it's blue? Or green? Or orange?
What happens when you add colour?
Can this trend translate onto the streets (and not just the fashion week streets)?
Will it catch on?

Gucci Fall/Winter 2014
Fur is not the only fluffy fabric that has gained popularity amongst consumers. In the fall, we love engulfing ourselves in cozy fabrics and that includes shearling, wool, and duvet. After all, it gets cold and we need the warmth to keep us alive in the winter.

If we can wear a pair of bold pastel jeans or colour-blocked shoes, then why not fur?
If you already feel comfortable in a fur, then should a coloured fur feel different?

If you're inclined to test out this trend, start small. Try a fur stole or a hat in a bold red or purple. Explore your options. If Karl did it, that means it can be done. After all, it's about time we make a statement, no?

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