Monday, October 27, 2014

#ForTheSakeofFashion: UNTUCKED

In the current social climate, the prefix "un" has attained a high level of popularity. Consider this list of words:


My personal favourite? Untucked.

Take a look below at some AMAZING "untucked" outfits:

"Un", unlike the singular french article word "un" (which sounds similar) refers to something that is done in reverse. It is that backspace button we wish existed in our day-to-day lives. When speaking of "untucking", I like to call it the rejection of proper forms of dress in exchange for something a little more "undone". Pull out your shirt, but only halfway. A fully untucked shirt is UNflattering, while a half tucked one is #IWokeUpLikeThis cool. It says "I'm put together, but not enough to appear as though I'm trying to impress anyone". It's that laissez-faire quality we love in Parisian style and wish we could recreate. But alas, we're just not cool enough. Our only attempt is leaving our sweaters or button downs slightly undone to convey a nonchalant model-off-duty look. It's our key into the realm of fashion.

The half tuck is not practical, sirs and madams. It is an expression of rebellion. It is the product of many years of our parents telling us to tuck in that shirt on our way to grandma's house. It is, dare I say it, #ForTheSakeofFashion. Duh.

The half tuck is one of my favourite fashion trends because it can transform a professional look into one that is slightly more casual. It can take you from day-time to evening in a matter of buttons. That's a great deal if I ever heard one.

The half tuck can be sensual. It can also signal a walk of shame. When done properly, it can even be worn in PUBLIC. Some fashionistas are pro half-tuckers because after all, it is a skill. Jessica Alba, Leandra Medine, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are a few names that come to mind.

What do all these ladies have in common?

They ALWAYS look stylish.

So if you're looking for a fashion risk to take that isn't all that risky, try the half tuck. By tucking a section of your shirt into your bottoms, you can reinvent your wardrobe. I would know. I've tried it.

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