Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Are Two Slits Better Than One?

The Angie Slit has become an official fashion term.

An example of its use is as follows:

Have you seen J. Law? She was sporting the Angie slit at the Oscars.

It's highly probable that Angie didn't do it first, but she has such great legs that it left a mark on all of us. Anyone who chooses to wear a slit from this day forward will be imitating Angie or getting compared to her by the press. 

In Hollywood, the women want to BE Angie. I'm not implying that every single one of them literally wants to pull a freaky friday with her, but they all want to wear something, or rather, "make a statement" that will become their trademark. People crave "The Rachel", aka Jennifer Aniston's Friends haircut and some dream of having a Jared Leto bun. This is not a new phenomenon. It has existed for years. Is it a contest? It absolutely is. Winner is instantly titled "trendsetter" for the rest of his or her days. Pretty good prize if I do say so myself.

The most recent phenomenon: The Double Slit.

Forget Angie's single slit. Women across Hollywood are now sporting TWO slits. Take that, Angie. It's just as the saying goes: two is ALWAYS better than one. Kendall Jenner did it at the MMVA's, Taytay tried it a year ago at the Brit Awards with mesh overlay. Though this isn't a new trend per say (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley did it in 2011), it's started to catch on amongst celebrities seeking to top Angie. 

Did Kendall bring it back? Will we soon be calling the double slit: The Kendall? We surely won't be calling it the Kendall Jenner because she no longer wants to be referred to in this way. Haven't you heard? She's the new Madonna. So, where will the double slit lead? I'm thinking that it might result in a higher number of wardrobe malfunctions. If one slit is risky, two is a commando hazard. 

What do you think of this trend? Do you think it will spread amongst celebrities?

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