Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How To Prepare For Winter And Avoid Hypothermia

Caution: This will not be a scientific analysis on cold temperatures or hypothermia.

As a Canadian, I am inherently qualified to give advice on how to dress for winter. For some, it seems basic, but you'd be surprised at the curve balls this season might throw your way. In the summer, all you have to worry about is the sun and the rain. In winter, there could be a snowstorm at any given moment, hail, a rainfall, sub-zero temperatures, and above zero global warming temperatures. It really is the luck of the draw. So, how do we prepare? Runway collections teach us how to dress for fall, but what happens when winter comes along? Essentially, if it goes down to 10 degrees, we're ready to face it. Unfortunately, Canada is the land of igloos and a cute wool coat often won't suffice.

Here are some style tips for the winter snow angel (aka YOU).

TIP 1: Wear a parka.
I know you want to look stylish and a parka makes you look like you ate your doppelganger, but it is essential to winter survival. Recently, fashionistas have been spotted wearing these monsters on the streets at Fashion Week. Designers have integrated them into their collections and we could all breathe a sigh of relief as they come to be recognized as fashion staples. These two looks from the Diesel Black and Gold Fall 2014/2015 collection are ideal for those chilly winter months. However, I wouldn't advise wearing them without pants.

TIP 2: Add some furccessories.
Fur is all the rage in the fashion world and the only reason we can all proclaim our love for winter. This season, fur takes on so many forms that you don't need the fluffy coat to feel glamorous. Whether a fur trim on your gloves or a Fendi fur stole, there are enough options to keep you warm and chic.

Option 1: The Fur Hat
For the bolder type...
Option 2: The Fur Scarf
For that subtle glamour...

TIP 3: Opt for REAL winter boots.
Lies fashion people tell you: you can wear leather boots all winter. At a certain point, those thermal socks probably won't cut it. You'll need something a little warmer for days where it hits -30 degrees. Get yourself a pair of insulated winter boots. Tommy Hilfiger knows what I'm talking about.

TIP 4: Embrace the hat.
Lucky for us, hats are currently a major trend. Keep your ears warm with a cozy wool hat. It can be stylish. I promise.

TIP 5. Wear pants under your skirt or dress. It's high fashion.
This may seem quasi-crazy, but all the designers are making it acceptable. Just when you thought you could never do such a thing (in public), it becomes a fashion statement that we're all secretly dying to try. This was definitely a shout-out to Canadians.

TIP 6: Invest in thigh high socks. They can be SO chic.
If pants under skirts is just not for you, try a pair of cozy long socks. Worn with the current mod trend, this look reminds us of the best part about high school uniforms. If Tory Burch did it, why can't you?

TIP 7: Don't forget your gloves.
Your extremities can make you freeze faster than your average ice cube. Cover them. They will improve the state of your body in a matter of minutes. Try long gloves for added warmth as shown at Vera Wang, Altuzarra, and Christian Dior during Fall 2014 Fashion Week.

TIP 8: Buy a large variety of oversized sweaters
Oversized sweaters are my favourite winter piece. They're cozy AND stylish, which makes them a seasonal must-have. Buy a few in wool or acrylic to make sure you stay warm under your parka.
Ready for winter yet? Follow this list one step at a time and you'll be prepared to face December in head-to-toe style.



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