Friday, October 3, 2014

#IconCity: Blair Waldorf Is Still An Icon In My World

Gossip Girl may have ended, but it defined my personal style throughout high school and made me unable to get over the school girl look despite having graduated five years ago. I know what you're thinking. Move on. That's like asking Daniel Radcliffe to forget he was ever Harry Potter. It was the role that changed his life. In that same way, Gossip Girl changed mine. It marked my adolescence and every other high school girl's, particularly the fashionably inclined. Though many were drawn to Serena van der Woodsen's boho effortless style, I loved Blair's even more. She always looked chic and put together, from her bows that converted me to the trend forever and those consistently gorgeous high heels (because real betches wear heels to school. Duh.) I know that Leighton Meester isn't Blair, but she was my icon and needs to be on this list. Serena can't do it without her. So here are five of my favourite Leighton Meester looks.

Spotted: Blair looking amazing in black and white Balmain at The Judge Premiere. Are we envious? Yes.
via People Stylewatch
A classy girl always knows that her best outfit is her little black dress. Queen Blair invented that memo. After Chanel, of course.
Leighton looks 19th century glam at the 68th Annual Golden Globes in Burberry.

Can you say Va-Va-Voom? Blair, sorry, Leighton, looks divine at the Charles James: Beyond Fashion Met Gala. PS. It was Emilio Pucci.
via wwd
The difference between Blair and Leighton? Leighton is downtown edge, while Blair is school girl chic. If there's anything I love, it's a statement pant.
What do you think of Leighton's style? Which is your favourite?

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